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Apr 21, 2013 10:31 AM

DC-3 Hot Dogs on Capitol Hill - Report

DC3 is a hot dog specialty purveyor on 8th St., SE offering hot dogs (and only hot dogs) with elaborate toppings. There is seating.

I easily put this in the DC Top Ten for Cheap Eats.

We sampled three styles, two of them outrageous. The Tuscan Sonora and the Bulgogi/Kimchee were hefty, exotic, and spicy. The hot dogs get an A+ even before the toppings are on.

The Cincinnati Coney was a disappointment with cold shredded cheese on top of indifferent chili, so I would avoid that.

All the hot dogs cost a flat rate of $5 no matter the toppings. One hot dog might make a quick lunch with chips, but you'll need two for dinner.

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  1. Second the Sonora. Also the Chicago Dog was a pretty decent facsimile. They even got the poppy seed roll right. Didn't care for the halfsmoke (I'll go to the rollers at Union Meats when I'm in the mood) or the slaw dog, but my favorite is the bacon-wrapped Jersey ripper. Someone online claimed that they served good burgers, but the staff says they don't. And they're the only place I know of in DC that sells Moxie.

    1. That is the definition of Cincinnatti chili.

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        I'm a Cincinnati native and firmly agree.

        The chili may not be on par but that dog is true to Cincinnati roots.

        Might as well say ewwwwwww, a Chicago dog has sport peppers, tomatoes and a pickle on it.
        What's up with that?


        Oh the regionally uninformed chowhounds.

        <big hug>

        And here's DC-3's web site/menu