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Ideas for items to balance overly rich coffee ice cream.

I made Nigella Lawson's no churn coffee ice cream and although the flavor and texture is bang on, the richness of the ingredients ( double cream and condensed milk) leaves a buttery mouth feel. This is not a spoon in the tub ice cream but more of a tiny scoop on a dessert plate type ice cream. Challenge is what could be on the plate to complement that tiny scoop. Would love your ideas.

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  1. Flourless chocolate cake would be a great choice for me.

      1. In a small bowl, topped with fresh raspberries and splash of kahlua.

          1. Angelfood cake

            A handful of toasted almonds

            Graham Cracker squares

            Vanilla wafer cookie (e.g., Nilla Wafers)

            Butter waffle cookie, Pazelle, or krumkake

            "Cigarette" cookies like this one

            Anything chocolate

            Coconut macaroon

            1. A frozen coffee granita, or perhaps an orange one would be a nice counterpoint scoop to the maybe over-rich ice cream?

              Something with NO fat in it for a little palate relief.... And perhaps a lean chocolate wafer cookie on the side.

              An Affegato would be great too - put the small scoop in a demitasse, and drown it in a short espresso. A classic! This I would serve with a cookie of some kind for sure.

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                I totally agree - nothing fatty like pound cake or chocolate cake. Chocolate wafer cookies or a thin wafer of dark chocolate candy, just a couple of bites.

                Bananas Foster would work IF you cut way back on the butter so the sauce is mostly caramel and liqueur. Or just drizzle a small scoop of the ice cream with Kahlua.

              2. A lightweight lemon cookie.

                And I would taste it with a basil "pesto"-- something intensely bright, but no garlic-- and see how that worked.

                1. Maybe a chocolate souffle, with a small scoop of the coffee ice cream going on top at the last minute so it forms a sauce as you break in.....

                  1. Port wine coulis. The acidity will help.

                    1. A mint leaf and lemon zest garnish. Get the lemon zest right on the ice cream.

                      1. Serve it alongside some coffee sorbet.

                        1. I love coffee and chocolate together - a dark chocolate sorbet would be lovely, or dark-chocolate studded biscotti (maybe with some orange zest in the mix?)

                          Meringue and a dark chocolate sauce?

                          1. I'd just pour something seriously alcoholic over it, like half a shot of single malt scotch (don't knock it til you've tried it) to cut the richness.

                            1. A ladyfinger filled with a square of melted dark chocolate

                              1. I've done this MANY times with super rich ice cream. Sprinkle some very good sea salt over it and then a tiny drizzle of the very best olive oil. It's heaven and our guests go a little nuts over the combo :)

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                                    Thanks, Maria. Can't claim credit for it though. A couple of years ago our realtor treated us to dinner at a pretty high end Italian place with pretty ho-hum food, dessert included. Ordered this as nothing else appealed at all. What a surprise. Hope you're well.