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Apr 21, 2013 06:17 AM

NC - May

We are foodies and are looking for lobster, crab, oysters. We have 5 days the week before the long weekend in May and were considering North Carolina. Would we be lucky or should we go elsewhere? Any recs? We love local places with great food a la Anthony BOurdain. Don't need find dining. Outdoor dining would be great.

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  1. Where are you visiting? NC is big!

    1. NC isn't really the place to get lobsters, as they aren't native. May is also at the tail end of the local oyster season, although they will be available, just probably brought in from elsewhere. I had some nice soft shell crabs last night at The Frying Pan in Southport, which is near Wilmington. Very few places in NC offer the Maryland type crab experience of cracking steamed crabs. If you are looking for suggestions on where to go in NC to get some good seafood, you might want to consider the Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach/Southport area.

      1. I know this is pretty general. We are open to suggestions, maybe outer banks. Should we be going south or north to get oysters?

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          If you mean local oysters, I don't think you'll find them in NC in May.

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            Oysters are best from cold water. That's why there's the old saying about eating oysters in months w/ R's in the name of the month.

            You should be able to acquire your own blue crab in NC that time of year.

            I don't know if you're familiar w/ blue crab, but they are beautiful, delicious, and a huge time suck to eat. But it's vacation, so you can spend many hours and beers while you crack them open and dig for meat.

          2. I noted soft shell crabs are in at Saxapahaw General Store. Here is the link on their Facebook page:

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                I had soft shells last night at Vin Rouge, Durham.

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                  I had a soft shell at Vin Rouge this past Saturday night. It was fantastic.

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                    We may have been in there at the same time - they were really really good. Loved the asparagus under them too.

              2. Sounds like you are interested in seafood. Any place of any size along the NC coast will have a few restaurants that serve local seafood with style and care.

                This is all beach resort world, however, so you probably want to stay away from the big restaurants that cater to mass hoards of vacationers.

                If you had time to wander, you are more likely to find interesting restaurants a bit inland, or around the sounds, in places like (Little) Washington, Oriental, and New Bern.

                Otherwise, to stay near the coast, start to the north with Duck and Nags Head, or further south to the Morehead City/Beauford area and even further south to the Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach/Southport area.

                If you search those names on this board, you should find lots of suggestions.