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Apr 21, 2013 05:52 AM

Fun eats in Vegas

I am traveling to Las Vegas next month. There are 3 couples, staying at Ballagio, no car. We love good food but are looking for fun places to eat lunch and dinner. We will be in town for 3 nights. Good beer is important. Any price point.


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  1. If you're looking for good beer selection, head to Todd English Pub at Crystals/CityCenter, Monte Carlo Pub (both of these are accessible from Bellagio by the monorail), Public House at Venetian (long but walkable).

    Fining dining rec: Sage at Aria, which offers a beer pairing for the prix-fixe and tasting menus.

    Jaleo at Cosmo is lively for dinner, with open paella pit.

    1. There are 17 breweries in Nevada. Google up the Nevada Brewers Guild for more info.

      1. Mon Ami Gabi for lunch, across from your hotel at The Paris. P.J. Clarkes in the Caesar's Forum also just across from your hotel. Also you might enjoy this pub in the NYNY casino, the food is great:

        1. I'll second the suggestions of Todd English's PUB, Jaleo & Sage . . .