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Apr 21, 2013 01:04 AM

Hangzhou Zhiweiguan Weizhuang at the Man Wah April 20-28 [Hong Kong]

The Man Wah at the Mandarin is featuring the chef and the menu from Hangzhou's Zhiweiguan Weizhuang restaurant. Went for lunch today, and it was most excellent, probably one of the best Chinese meals I've ever had, and I've had lots.

Had the fish soup, the spiced beef, and the scallion pancakes, which were all outstanding. For dessert had glutinous rice mango dumplings. All of it was new to me and extremely accomplished in terms of the quality and presentation.

So if you're in HK between the 20-28, I urge you to give this a whirl, it was fabulous.

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  1. Hello 'Uncle'! You and Auntie should organize a mini 'chowmeet' there!!! I'll fly back to join you if I win the lottery Wednesday!! Ha!!

    1. I was actually in Hangzhou a couple of weeks ago and had two superb meals, quite the best food I have had in China. Lots of fish, prawns with the new season tea leaves, spring bamboo, and lots of interesting mushroom dishes - during one meal I lost count of the courses at 30.

      I would have liked to write it up but I didn't find out the English names of the restaurants - one was very large in an office building behind the football stadium, and the other near West Lakes which may have been "Sweet & Smelling Restaurant".

      Wish I had time to get to Man Wah this week but sadly have a full schedule - it sounds very fine.