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My birthday cake this year will be...

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Tres Leches Cake

I've never had it, but for some reason I'm craving it. I hope I haven't over hyped it...

Anyway I am off to the Grand Canyon today (Sunday) and am driving through Flagstaff. What are the chances of finding a slice there?? I am starting out from Sedona, should I try and find a piece here and just have it for breakfast?

It just feels good to vent, I don't mind if no one responds :-)

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  1. I can't help you out on location, but I certainly would encourage cake for breakfast! Tres leches is one of my favorite cakes, hope you enjoy it, too.
    Happy birthday!

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      Oh def cake for breakfast. Heck...coffee cake and muffins are simply cake and cupcakes with no icing, aren't they?

      Live large - top it with ice cream!

    2. Try Brandy's Bakery and Restaurant in Flagstaff. They're on Cedar just off 40.

      They'll have good sweets, if not Tres Leches cake.