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Apr 20, 2013 10:09 PM

Lunch/Dinner options near Opera/Galeries Lafayette area?

Will be going to Paris for First time next week...our hotel is near Galeries Lafayette.

1. Any good budget recommendations for lunch and/or dinner in this area? 2. Are there any supermarkets or bakeries in this area which have ready-made sandwiches/salads to grab and go?
3. Is tap water safe to drink in Paris? Is it free in restaurants? How do I ask for free tap water in french?


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  1. 1. None occur to me except the Asian places near the Bibliotheque Nationale.
    2. The Galeries has sandwiches in the Food section and other stuff in near the back entrance in the rear.
    3. Tap water is absolutely safe = l'eau du robinet = tapwater.

    1. Le Mesturet is on rue Saint-Augustin near Bourse, open 7/7, cheap and good. Traditional bistro.
      Le Gavroche on rue Saint-Marc.
      Bistro Capucine, Au Petit Vendôme and Les Jalles all on rue des Capucines.
      Bistro Volnay rue Volnay

      Also there is a large number of small Japanese, Korean and a few South Chinese restaurants in a zone including rue Sainte-Anne, rue des Petits-Champs, rue de Louvois, rue de Richelieu, rue Saint-Augustin... A lovely neighborhood that is fun to browse through. Some of these restaurant are better than others. My favorite: Hang-a-li (rue de Louvois, Korean), Kintaro (rue Saint-Augustin, Japanese), Naniwaya on rue Sainte-Anne...

      1. If you ask for "un carafe d'eau," they'll bring you tap water.