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What Is Your Favorite Brand Of Canned Tomatoes?

For years now I would only buy the San Marzano brand crushed tomatoes (the one in the white label, with the red tomato printed on it), however they can be a bit pricey at $4+ per can in my area.

I've never really been a fan of the more common name brands like Contadina, Red Pack, and others (though I would sometimes use Hunt's when in a jam). They all tasted too bland to me, and lacked the tartness and sweetness of the San Marzano ones.

Recently, I tried out another brand called "Diane's Garden" from a local discount grocery store called Save-A-Lot. I was really surprised at how good they were, and to make things even better they are only 99 cents per 28oz can.

Apparently this is their store brand, so I'm not sure if these are available anywhere else, or who actually manufactures them. But I've been using these exclusively the past several weeks, and saving a lot of $$$ at the same time.

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      Muir glen and pomi will get alot of votes here, as they should. cleanest tasting in my opinion.

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        Ever read the Pomi label, ' tomatoes ', that's it, no salt, no basil, no nothing.

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          +1 for Pomi. If I can find it where I live.

      2. Vantia, San Marzano or Muir Glen

            1. My preferred brand is Dei Fratelli, since they pack in juice only - not in puree. The consistancy/thickness/flavor is always good, and it's not that pricey. I will use another, cheaper brand in a pinch or if I need great quantities, but that's my fave. I've tried San Marzano and Cento, but found them a little watery, even while the flavor was good. Pomi is very hard to find around here, and I won't pay for Muir Glen.

              1. For whole tomatoes, I use the Nina brand of San Marzanos that I find at Costco. They are an incredible value, too - around $4 for a 6lb can, I believe.

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                  I like Nina brand as well. Costco in Memphis sells the institutional size can as well as a three pack of 28 oz cans for about $5.

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                    Lucky you - I wish we had that 3 pack! I usually freeze whatever I can't use right away - they hold up quite well to freezing and thawing, I find.

                2. I like Muir Glen, Pomi, and Strianese.

                  This may not matter to you, but the San Marzano brand crushed tomatoes don't actually come from San Marzano. They use the same cultivars, but are grown in America. It wouldn't matter to me much, except that I think their marketing is somewhat deceptive.

                  1. Cento San Marzanos. I get them when they go on sale for $2.99 a can.


                    When I can't get those, I go with Sun of Italy because I like buying local.


                    I always keep a box of Pomi tomatoes as an emergency backup supply in the event of unexpected pizza.


                    1. redpack or cento

                      muir glen tastes odd to me

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                        i just buy the redpak cuz that's what grandma always used.

                      2. Check with your favorite restaurant, see if they use Stanislaus tomato products, get them to sell you a can, although they only come in #10 size. The tomatoes are only packed once a year, they must be picked and in the plant within 5 hours of being picked or they don’t buy them. Some companies will can in big batches, during the season, then after the season repack the tomatoes into the different products they sell.

                          1. re: sisterfunkhaus

                            dunno why,
                            but after General Mills bought Muir Glen in 1999, the taste started to change.
                            to my palate, it's not as good now as it used to be.
                            not bad, but not nearly AS good as it used to be.

                          2. Pastene Ground peeled (especally "chunky style").

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                            1. Muir Glen is always my pick. I love the roasted ones too.

                              Oops, I already posted this same suggestion last week.

                              1. For a long time I favored Progresso Peeled Italilan Plum Tomatoes with Basil and suddenly I could not find them in the storel. I have read that Progresso has discontinued all their canned tomato products. They did the same thing with their Copanata some years back and now produce mostly canned soups which are all too bland for my taste. I no longer purchase any Progresso product. I have tried a couple of the brands mentioned in this thread that I can find locally but am still looking for the "canned tomato". Will advise.