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Cafe Europe (Santa Rosa)

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This afternoon I stumbled upon Cafe Europe, located in a strip mall in the outskirts of Santa Rosa on Hwy 12 toward Sonoma Valley. Judging from one lunch of smoked bratwurst and apple strudel (house made), this place is serious about the quality of their European and German food. Take a look at the photos of those items and know that they were as good as they look. The sauerkraut and red cabbage were on the milder side, and the apple strudel was less sweet than is the norm (a good thing to me). I also noticed that they have Sauerbraten on the dinner menu, described in a way that says that they do it the "right" way which is pretty much impossible to find in this area. I find no mention here about this place; it definitely deserves a try for anyone with a taste for German food.

A few photos: http://ruthvenphotos2.com/cafeeurope

Cafe Europa
104 Calistoga Rd. (at Sonoma Hwy 12)
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

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  1. Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed it! We tried to go on a previous Sonoma visit but couldn't connect (owner had to close due to a family emergency that day). We are doing a week-long Sonoma/Mendocino trip in mid-May and have already reserved dinner at Cafe Europe.

    Don't know if we'll try the sauerbraten, however, as it isn't one of our favorites. We're more sausages and sauerkraut people, LOL.