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Apr 20, 2013 05:24 PM

Dining solo in San Francisco.

I will be traveling to San Francisco next week for work. I will be there 3 nights. I need dinner ideas for 3 nights. One idea for breakfast and one for lunch. My budget is limited, but I want good food and drinks without feeling uncomfortable dining alone. I am in my 30's and wouldn't mind a fun bar scene for one night. I will be staying close to Union Square.

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  1. If you'll look just to the right of your post you'll see three that will get you started and they'll probably link to others :) Have fun.

    1. I will just go ahead and link the post I started a few months ago. I recently added my trip report too.

      1. Don't miss Pier 23 Café, on the Embarcadero. I'm comfortable here solo. I love the food and drinks, and it's on the bay. Check out the video tour on their web site.

        Of course, Pier 39 has a lot of tourist type places, I prefer small local spots.

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        1. re: Fishfryfan

          Pier 23 is an above average burger and beer joint, a decent option in the area, but it's certainly missable, in my book. All of the ferry building is a few minutes of walk.

          SF is very good for solo diners, just about everywhere has a bar. AQ has - arguably - three bars and is very excellent.

          1. re: bbulkow

            Agree, and I would also put it in the "touristy" category.

        2. A few suggestions:

          Jasper's Corner Tap has great drinks and good bar food. You can grab a seat at the bar or at the window. It can get crowded later in the week.

          15 Romolo is more about the drinks, but they have bar food. The cocktails and bartenders are great, and there's usually a crowd later in the week.

          Sweet Woodruff is great, and no one will complain about you dining solo since you order your food at the counter and find a seat. Open for lunch and dinner.

          If you make it to the Haight, try Maven. Their brunch is surprisingly uncrowded if you're around on a weekend.

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          1. re: jacquesf

            +1 on Sweet Woodruff -- the limited seating shouldn't be a problem for a solo diner. We had a lovely breakfast there last trip, with the standout being Irish oatmeal.

            1. re: grayelf

              Note Sweet Woodruff's opening hours are W-F 11:30 and Sat/Sun 9am

              1. re: hyperbowler

                Whoa, thanks for the heads up on the change in hours at Sweet Woodruff. When we were there in November, the weekday hours started at 7. Per their website, they've removed the weekday breakfast menu.

          2. Cotogna and Barbacco would both be great for solo dining, especially at the bar/counter areas.