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Apr 20, 2013 04:14 PM

Report: Sprig and Sprout in Glover Park

Tried this casual Vietnamese place last weekend and was really impressed. They serve banh mi, pho, bun (vermicelli), and a couple additional things like spring rolls, nems, bubble tea, and the like. They allow you to customize what you want on your sandwich, but I went for the traditional. I tried the tofu and the chicken banh mi, and both were very good. The fried tofu, nicely flavored, was really dynamite. Both sandwiches were very large, on fresh bread, with (as specified) the traditional cukes, pickled carrots, cilantro, jalapeno, and a lovely aioli. Quite a good value at $5 per sandwich, I thought. They were also served with a few veggie chips.

You order at the counter, and find your own seat. I really wish there were another one of these in my neighborhood (U Street). I would be there all the time!

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  1. We popped in for an impromptu lunch today and we really enjoyed it too. We ordered vermicelli noodle salad with tofu, a rice bowl with pork belly, pork and shrimp spring rolls and vegetarian summer rolls. It was all so fresh tasting and such good value! Our 3 year old devoured the summer rolls and adored dipping the pork belly and tofu into the sauces.

    I wasn't as much as a fan of the fried tofu as hamster - while it was absolutely crisp and well flavoured, I prefer my tofu a bit more tofu-y - they just tasted like crisp little nothings. Added a nice texture to the salad but I couldn't imagine them in a banh mi.

    I wish one of us had ordered pho but I will next time! The stock smelt delicious and I really liked the pho pimping station where you could help yourself to thai basil, mint, lime, beansprouts etc. I'm absolutely delighted to find this - it's made me really excited about our new neighbourhood.

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        Ha! The original reviewer's name is hamster!

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        Nice! Good to hear they are consistent!

      3. I'm going to have to check this out, thanks!

        1. We went back and I tried the pho. I loved the stock, it was really delicious, fragrant with cinnamon and star anise and I added loads of lime and thai basil. Service was great again too, they are really friendly.