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Apr 20, 2013 02:22 PM

Red Lentil in Watertown...classy gesture!

Red Lentil sent out an email saying that, as a show of appreciation to Watertown and as part of their gesture to promote healing, they will be offering a free brunch tomorrow (Sun., Apr. 21) from 10-3.

Let's hope first-responders and people who were most impacted by the traumatic events are the first in line!

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      1. I just read about this on Melomeals Facebook page. I agree about the First Responders being first in line. I know my family wants to do *something* (don't know what) to thank all - maybe we'll start with our local police.

        This gesture is important because this will also give people a chance to talk. And I think that's a start in the area's healing...