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Apr 20, 2013 02:17 PM

Visiting DC for a short trip, looking for suggestions

Going to DC in a couple of weeks. We'll be doing the tourist thing Friday during the day, and possibly saturday afternoon/evening depending on how things play out. We'll be staying near crystal city and car less, so relying on the metro.

For Friday I'm looking to find a good place for breakfast & a later lunch (or maybe just lunch, depending). Really open to just about anything, just so long as it isn't fancy (as we'll be dressed as tourists and schlepping around the city all day). Bonus points for things which are somehow uniquely DC, unusual in some way or otherwise noteworthy. Price range is whatever, just as happy paying $5 at a food truck as dropping coin on something pricy as long as it's good.

It'd also be good to rack up a few ideas for potential spots sat afternoon/evening. We're beer nerds so a place serving great beer (particularly if it's stuff that's not well distributed up in the northeast) with great food would be fantastic.

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  1. My husband is a consummate beer nerd and here are some of his favorite places for unusual and awesome beers

    -Birch and Barley- great food (mostly contemporary american) with a really amazing beer list. Kind of a splurge
    -Granville Moores- awesome mussles and frites with belgian beers
    -Menomale- it's a neighborhood pizza joint with a killer beer list. Leland

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      Thanks. In particular Birch & Barley looks up my alley (as does Churchkey which appears to be a sister institution?). They both look like something we'd have to wait until Sat to do due to our Friday timing, so we'll see how it goes.

      The other two are also interesting and appear to be available Friday afternoon. I also came across a place called the Pig which looked interesting.

      I think the plan right now will be to get a breakfast earlier on, do some sight seeing, later lunch and then head back to the ranch where our event is.


    2. I second Granville Moores. There are actually a TON of great restaurants within a few blocks of Granville Moore on H St NE, especially between 8th and 14th. The best way to get there is via the X2 bus, which you can catch from the Chinatown Metro Station (go out the Chinatown exit when you are leaving).

      For breakfast, I recommend Le Pain Quotidien, which is across the street from the Eastern Market metro station.

      If you are doing touristy things and find yourself on the Mall or at one of the Smithsonians around lunch time, I recommend the cafeteria at the Museum of Native American History (it's on the same side of the Mall as the Air and Space Museum and is the one closest to the Capital).

        1. If you can get in -- and it's a big if -- I"d head straight for Table for dinner. Good beer, great, great food.