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Apr 20, 2013 01:56 PM

Mexican Fruit Sprinkle

A cousin gave me a container of Mexican fruit sprinkle quite a while ago. It was great but I felt like after 8 years I needed to toss it. I looked online for a recipe but didn't find one. It might be like Tajin. I remember reading the label and it had cayenne, salt, lime. Does anyone have a recipe for this great stuff. It's awesome on fruit.

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  1. That's what it sounds like.

    Never tried this but back when I lived in a Mexican neighborhood my 12 year old neighbors swore by chamoy (chamoi?) sauce. Similar flavors, in sauce form, they'd put it on chips, pork rinds, mango, etc. I believe it's what is used in chamango smoothies.

    1. We usually just squeeze a lime on and then sprinkle Salt and Chili Pepper on. Dried Powdered Scotch Bonnet is delicious if you can take the heat or Chipotle.

      1. Tajin is a common brand that includes those three components. The 'lime' is some sort of dehydrated acid (citric acid).

        There is also a Pico de Gallo brand. Their original was chile powder and salt. They also have a Pico Limon version, which would have the lime.

        Another approach is to use some sort of ground chile pepper, salt, and lime/limon (key lime) juice. These Mexican brands probably use Guajillo chile, which is moderately hot, and bright red.

        'pico de gallo' also refers to a chunky fresh tomato salsa, and to a fruit salad (or snack) seasoned with the chile/salt/lime combo.

        1. This was in "O" magazine in 2008:

          1/2 of a 3-inch chili, finely minced and dried on a paper towel
          1/2 cup raw sugar
          1/4 granulated sugar
          1 T. sea salt
          zest and juice of one lime

          Mix the chili, sugars, salt, and zest. Toss the lime juice with your dippers (jicama and avocado are good). Dip them in the dry stuff.