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Apr 20, 2013 01:39 PM

west village italian

I really like the menu of L'Artusi in the West Village. Does anyone know a restaurant similar to L'Artusi that is a little less expensive?

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  1. dell'anima is the same group that do l'artusi. i prefer dell'anima. if you stick to their pastas and have a glass of wine, its not too expensive. ive found their entrees to be mediocre.

    less expensive italian in the west steer you to da andrea on 13th but thats more of food from bologna. they do have amazing homemade pastas for much less though.

    pepe rosso to go on sullivan in soho is a good option for delivery or for a casual meal.

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      Wife and I left l'artusi $110 poorer and still starving. I know it's gauche to care about portions when the food was admittedly very good, but please.

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        I don't really find Dell'anima to be cheaper than L'Artusi, though I enjoy both.

      2. Check Malatesta's menu.

        1. I don't know L'Artusi but Grano on W. 10 th isn't bad and isn't too pricy.

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            I had dinner there several years ago and found it mediocre and not a good value, but things could have easily changed since then.

          2. Da Andrea - Try the Tigelle and the Pappardelle

            1. RUN, don't walk to Da Marcella- fantastic food, extremely reasonable prices.....Make a reservation though....they're on Open Table.