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Apr 20, 2013 01:28 PM

Columbia, SC with child

We just moved to Columbia from Houston. We have a 10 month old that (so far) is a joy to have out and about. Any recs for local, interesting places that don't mind people with babies in tow? We try to go to dinner early as not to put a damper on dates or grown- up gatherings, but we still like to eat like grown-ups ourselves.

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  1. Welcome. I have family from SC that lived in Houston, said it was actually hotter, for more months than Colatown! and we're 'famously hot'.

    what part of the area are you in? what are you looking for? what do you avoid?


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      Yes, I was a camp counselor in Charleston for years, I thought I had the hot/humid thing down, then I moved to Houston. We're happy to be back in SC!
      Anyhow, we're about 10 from downtown, and willing to travel for food. We avoid nothing, love it all. I guess we're mostly looking for upscale dinner places that don't mind babies. And we love going out for breakfast. BTW, we had a great breakfast last weekend at the Millwood Coffee Co. Can't wait to go back.

    2. Welcome to Cola! There's plenty of interesting places to try out, here's a handful to take a look at:

      Terra - Dinner only, a bit pricey, but great locally sourced eating. Great Southern dishes with an elegant spin. They also have some more than affordable pizzas that include duck confit and whatnot.

      Oak Table - Also pricey for dinner, but affordable for lunch. Creative, upscale fare. They have a killer Sunday brunch which includes giant cinnamon rolls, homemade pop tarts the size of your face and more.

      Little Pigs - A bit on the otherside of town, but worth the venture for Midlands mustard barbecue and all the Southern food you could ever want. Buffet style, very casual.

      Gourmet Shop - A quaint lunch in the Five Points area. Lots of outdoor seating and a cute shop to look around while you wait for a table. Sandwiches and soup kind of places, their chickens salad sandwich is tasty, along with anything on a croissant.

      Delhi Palace - Going a bit towards Harbison, the big mall shopping area for the city. A fine Indian restaurant that's good for lunch or dinner. Had their basics recently, was all delicious and what you want from Indian food.

      Cafe Stredel - Charming restaurant with things like hangover hashbrowns, duck fat fries, lots of great breakfast and lunch items, and recently a sunday supper event that features rotating items each week.

      Julia's German Stammitsch - Giant schitnzel's the size of your car. Small, but cozy. Julia is well into her 80s or so, but still baking and working the family kitchen. Place is one of my favorites in town. Right behind Whole Foods as well, so you can get some groceries done as well.

      British Bulldog Pub - My favorite pub food in the city. Get the leek, bacon, chicken pastry thing over mustard mashed potatoes. You will go back again in for it, I guarantee.

      Crust - Not a restaurant, but a darn fine bakery with great bread made fresh everyday and some of the best scones in the state for a good breakfast to go.

      Lady Antoinettes - Go in. Get a beignet. Swoon.

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        Thank you! I hadn't heard of many of those, can't wait to check them out!

      2. I love the suggestions from ForagingFoodie and would add Solstice -- it's in northeast Columbia and they occasionally host babysitter nights. For a fee, they entertain and feed the kids in a private dining room with baby sitters while their parents eat an adult meal in the big dining room. Welcome to Columbia!

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          Thank you! I will be on the look out, that is such a neat idea! My husband's been there for lunch and said they have a good burger, so I'm onboard!
          We went to Tombo Grille on Forest Dr. a few Mondays ago for their burger night and loved it. The food was good, we felt comfortable going in as a family and the music was great!