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Apr 20, 2013 01:24 PM

Is your local DC supermarket getting worse?

Saw this survey of bad supermarkets (Stop and Shop is the same as Giant)

and it made me think how awful the markets seem now. I like Safeway produce, but the meat and seafood are way over priced for the quality. I am finding it harder in the DC area to find stores that sell quality meat and seafood. H-Mart isn't convenient, but I go there frequently for seafood. A small Fresh and Greens has a decent butcher who will order specially.

What is your experience?

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  1. I agree about the produce being rather poor in a lot of grocery stores but I think we brought that on ourselves. It is like in the book about american tomatoes the author interviewed a tomato farmer about why his tomatoes were so big, so red and so bland. The farmer's reply was, "I get nothing for flavor".
    Do you remember when red delicious apples were juicy and delicious? I do, and they were nothing like what we get in a red delicious today, but the apple looks like the very incarnation of apple perfection.
    Anyway, I think the produce LOOKS great at Harris Teeter but tastes better at Giant. And Giant has good sales on fairly good Choice beef. Though Safeway and Harris Teeter have cuts of beef that look spectacular, when you get up close you see that the marbling is non-existent. Harris Teeter on Harrison has a good seafood selection and there is usually one good sale item. For items like mushrooms and fresh vegetables though, I really like Harris Teeter.
    I have given up on Safeway, most of my shopping is split between Harris Teeter and Giant.
    I do go to H-Mart for the Mak Kimchi, it is really good. (mak means simple or homemade, depending on who you ask) Kimchi is like bacon, everything is better with a little bit of it on the side.

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      I agree for the most part. I go to Eastern Market for tomatoes that look pock marked.

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        Unfortunately Eastern Market is overpriced. I'd much rather take the trip to the Laurel Amish market if nothing at Harris Teeter is working for me. I actually just bought some delicious cantaloupe from there this morning, super sweet!

    2. They turned the Bloom near us into a Food Lion, so yes. It got a lot worse.

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        Bloom was (is?) an upscale Food Lion. Same food, fancier display, different sales.

        The Bloom near me (Annandale) lasted about a year and a half, and has been vacant now for months.

        I'm pretty happy with what I get at Shoppers as far as vegetables is concerned. Meats are so-so, but priced accordingly. I stopped into the new Red Apron Butchery to see what a classy steak was going for these days, but decided not to take out a home equity loan for it. ;)

        Safeway is on one of my regular walking routes, so I stop in a couple of days a week and pick up staples when they're on sale. Same with Harris-Teeter, and go to Trader Joe's for a few things. I'm not very fussy.

      2. Well one of my local grocery stores is the 17th Street Safeway---so it can't get much worse than it's already been for all these years. haha

        I tend to go to Whole Foods and Trader Joes FAR more often. I wouldn't buy a single piece of meat or produce from Safeway.

        1. Our regular market is Harris-Teeter, following by Wegmans, with regular visits to Costco, less regular to BJ's, and occasionally to Trader Joe's and Lotte Plaza (esp. for produce).

          Have never been a Safeway regular. Don't think much of it. Was a Giant shopper from my college years in Baltimore until Harris-Teeter invaded, and dumped Giant immediately.

          Royal Ahold (or A-hole as I call them) has pretty much ruined Giant. I grew up with Stop & Shop in RI, and I suspect they suck now too.

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          1. re: Bob W

            I guess I'm lucky but in my neck of the woods, Giant, Safeway, and Chevy Chase Supermarket are all reliable. Some better than other for some things, but no complaints here

            Just realized OP was talking DC -- so I'd delete this if they'd let me!

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              Nah, counting the DC suburbs. I guess the CC ones are OK? Not sure I know where those are in CC.

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                Chevy Chase Supermarket <> is off Connecticut near Jones Bridge. Prices aren't cheap but meats are beautiful and service great.

          2. For green I usually buy at the Amish Market in Laurel or the Panam Supermarket they have good produce and a butcher at both places.