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Apr 20, 2013 01:20 PM

A breakfast and a sandwich help, please

So excited to be visiting Portland in June and we've developed a pretty solid game plan based on loads of reading on this board. Thanks for that! I have two questions I'm hoping to get your help on. Arrival day will bring us to The Nines right around lunch time. We're looking for a great sandwich close by (in walking distance as we will be starving). I see there is a Bunk location nearby, but have read mixed reviews. Thoughts or suggestions?

Also, on Monday morning (around 8:30) we'll need a breakfast spot on our way to the Columbia River Gorge for a day of hiking. We'd like a sit down, fill up kind of place to fuel our day. The problem is the day and time. A bit earlier than some of the recommended places open and Monday seems to pose an additional challenge. The Tin Shed is an option but again, many of you seem to think that's not a worthy spot.

Thanks for your continued help!

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  1. There's a Bunk about 3 blocks away. Their sandwiches are really good but can be greasy on occasion. Last time I ate at Bunk was at Bunk Bar and the meatball sandwich was terrific. Others may disagree. Your mileage may very, as they say. One way to find out what you think.

    1. Bunk is a solid option...really good food...not a lot of vegetarian options, but great for carnivores!
      I don't understand the lines for the tin shed....I have eaten there twice, and that is two times to many...that said, the Country cat is a great breakfast place on the way to the Gorge, and always delicious, and they are open Monday 9am
      other options bijoux cafe, open at 7am, and has good breakfast
      Imperial cafe opens 6:30 am and is Vitaly Paleys place( I haven't tried it, but I feel confident that you can get a good breakfast there)

      Have fun..the Gorge is breathtaking! I hope you are taking the old hwy thru troutdale, the views are magnificent!!!!

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        Thanks for the advice on the route to the Gorge. We are all about the journey!

      2. Early weekday breakfasts aren't an easy thing to find around here. Downtown, especially the restaurants at hotels, like Imperial (Hotel Lucia), The Original (Marriott), The Heathman (Heathman Hotel), etc. will be open early.

        Also downtown, right near the Embassy Suites is Bijou Cafe, which is a popular spot for breakfast downtown (I am not a huge fan, but it is OK). That was mentioned below.

        If you want to cross the river, a decent and early breakfast can be had at J&M:

        Not a fan of the food but Doug Fir is open early for breakfast (because it's part of the Jupiter Hotel).

        Lots of places that do breakfast./brunch on the weekend do not do breakfast during the week...and those that do mostly open at 9am or later.

        And yes, I also think the Tin Shed sucks...don't do it. ;o


        It's not really on your way, but the Original Pancake House (it is a chain, but this is THE original one, and is largely unchanged) has some great breakfast and they are open early:

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          Country Cat and J&M seem like they would fit the OP's requirements for fueling up (gorging before the Gorge? sorry!) based on one visit to each. I actually liked J&M's excellent biscuits better than CC's. They also had lovely crispy grits that came as a side that you could sub out for the potatoes (which were fine but a bit usual). The breakfast scramble was solid and came with kale if anyone's looking for something a bit healthier. And the room is so lovely and bright. Plus Half Pint is next door if anyone needs an espresso based drink for the road.

        2. For sandwiches at lunch on the day of your arrival, try either Lardo or Addy's (this is a food cart at 10th & Alder-ish that I believe is only open weekdays). At Lardo, we recently had the porchetta sandwich and burger, both of which were stellar.

          Speaking of Addy's, I walked past a building in the SW near the library that has a new licensing sign indicating the Addy's will soon be a brick and mortar establishment.

          1. That chicken at Country Cat is definitely something I need. Thanks for the advice everyone!!