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Apr 20, 2013 01:11 PM

West Coast Waffles - Victoria

I'm taking an Alaska cruise this summer w/ my 10-year old. We'll be in Victoria from 6pm-midnight one day, and I stumbled across West Coast Waffles online.

Their dessert waffles look great and I was thinking it would be a fun place to take my son for dessert while we are there. Can anyone recommend? I also found Wanna Waffle online but they close at 5pm each day; too early for me.

Any other dessert recommendations instead of waffles would be appreciated as well. TIA!

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  1. I really like WannaWaffle (because they have the European, crispy waffles), shame the timing doesn't work. Actually just hit West Coast Waffle - it seemed like a fun place for a dessert one (nice batter options; fruit ones or piled with chocolate & whip cream, etc.) I think your son would have fun there. I threw some pics on

    1. well, you have to try a nanaimo bar dessert too - uniquely BC ... the city of nanaimo is a couple hours north of victoria ----

      if you can find good butter tarts, that's Cdn, too

      there is a thread on this BC Board about butter tarts -

      1. I just wanted to pop back in and update you . . . last week was our Alaska cruise, and we stopped by West Coast Waffle on Saturday. It was at most a five minute walk from where our cab dropped us (Empress Hotel). At 7pm on a Saturday night, the place was empty, which was surprising. We ordered the chocolate/almond waffle. It was a large Belgian waffle studded with pockets of melted chocolate (they add chocolate chunks to the waffle batter!), covered with sliced almonds, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. I ordered one for us to share, and we devoured it. It was delicious, and I'm so glad we made the effort to seek it out. We easily could have eaten another one since it was surprisingly light, and my son wanted to order a second after we finished the first, but I knew we were going to walk around downtown, where there was a plethora of ice cream and candy shops with plenty of treats for us to sample. Btw I was thrilled to find dark chocolate Kit Kat at the 7-11 downtown - we can't get the dark chocolate ones in the U.S.!

        Thanks again and hope to make it back to your beautiful city sometime in the future.