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Apr 20, 2013 12:00 PM

Sunday lunch/brunch in Westport

Group of 6 meeting in Westport on a Sunday afternoon at the Playhouse. Looking for a good spot for lunch/brunch or appetizers nearby. All suggestions much appreciated.

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  1. The Dressing Room, right in the square at the Westport playhouse is very good. If you you want a light bite, casual not dressy for a Sunday stop in to Golds deli, for great bagels & lox or wonderful N.Y. style deli sandwiches. There are many other places I can recommend, but it is very short notice!

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      Thanks, temilove, but we're not meeting for a couple of weeks, so please continue!

    2. The Gray Goose in Southport is very close to Westport and very good.

      1. Splash has a nice Sunday brunch. If you're not going for a couple of weeks, it may be nice enough to sit outside on the patio for (near) waterfront dining.

        1. Aqua in Westport is very good as well as Tavern on Main.

          1. Terrain Garden Cafe is about a mile east of the Playhouse and serves an upscale Sunday brunch from 10am to 3pm with both indoor and outdoor seating on the grounds of a very unique and upscale garden center.

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              Thanks. These all look great. I've passed on your recommendations to the rest of the group and will let you know what happens next.