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Cambodian Beef Bone Soup

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Any recommends on where to get this? There used to be an amazing place that served it in Long Beach but they have closed. It's basically an amazing broth with a huge bone in it. The marrow falls out of the bone and into the soup as you eat it.

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  1. You should try a Korean place like E-Moon Oak Restaurant, because I don't think there's much subtanstive difference between Seolleongtang and Kuy Teav Sach Ko Khmer.

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    1. There's a pork Trieu Chau version at Trieu Chau Santa Ana.

      1. I'm not familiar at all with Cambodian, but I've had tasty meals at New Battambang in San Gabriel. There's also a location in Chinatown. The entrees came with a soup as you described.

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          They give pork bone soup w/ rice entrees @ battambang sg

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              If you go too late (closer to their closing time), they may run out, so call ahead of time if that is the case.