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Apr 20, 2013 11:33 AM

Cinque Terra/Florence: looking for Italian-brand canned tuna w/ cannellini beans in red sauce

Searching for Italian-brand canned tuna with cannellini beans in red sauce

I was in Cinque Terra, Italy some years ago and one of the little stores there sold this incredible canned tuna with cannellini beans in red sauce. I was a college student on a tight budget and was eating a lot of this incredibly tasty tuna with bread and crackers. Does anyone know what I’m talking about, can tell me the name of a brand perhaps? I’d like to find it online but haven’t been able to find hide nor hair of it anywhere. A product name would be most helpful.

thanks in advance.

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  1. Maybe this?

    But if it's not, there are lots of recipes that are very simple and might even taste better (but I would use imported tuna packed in olive oil):

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      thats one of the versions yes! I'm searching all over their site, doesn't seem to be a place you can purchase it online. But at least I have a name - I'm start with that.

      thank you so much!!

    2. I've never seen it packaged together, but I've never looked for it either.

      But I DO love it and buy As Do Mar tuna here in the US or Rio Mare in Italy. And put it in the center of a plate, surrounded with canned cannellini beans. Yum! It needs really good tuna. If I am getting fancy, I mix some fresh parsley into the tuna, and surround it with olives or tomatoes in season or red peppers. Oh, and some good olive oil on the tuna and beans.

      The tuna needs to be one of those really good brands, packed in olive oil as barberinibee says. I have noted lately that even Asdomar and sometimes Rio Mare are not really Italian tuna, but more often Portugese or sometimes Spanish. Really, it just means opening two cans instead of one, so buy them separately!

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        yes packed in olive oil is key, I agree. But I found that, just like so many other foods, the canned tuna from Europe that I've tasted is much superior to our canned tuna.