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Apr 20, 2013 11:08 AM

Fred' Franks Wakefield

So on Thursday I happened to find myself in Wakefield and because it was such a nice warn sunny day noticed quite a few people congregated around a small food truck (really a food trailer would be more accurate) which is parked right off the Rte 129 exit of Rte 128/95 near Quannapowitt Lake. They were advertising grilled hot dogs, sausages, etc which sounded good on such a nice day so I stopped to give it a try.

They have two rather large Weber type charcoal grills mounted on the end of the trailer. You place your order and they give you a nice fresh roll (local bakery) and let you add whatever condiments you want while you are waiting for your order to be grilled. They have a nice selection of all the typical condiments including several types of mustard, Kraut, relish, chopped onions, hot peppers and a variety of BBQ sauces, ketchup, etc.

They offer regular, jumbo, monster and jalapeno hot dogs, Italian style sausages with sauteed onions and peppers, Linguisa, Kielbasa, Chourico Andouille and Bratwurst. They also have a signature sandwich called The Shnurble which is one hot dog, two pieces of chorico served on a bed of sweet cabbage with mayo and Sriacha sauce. The Snurble can ordered as a regula, jumbo or super sized. They also offer a wide variety of soft drinks. The owner of the stand is Carl (not Fred) and he told me that he has recently started to offer 1/3lb burgers too.

I opted for the Italian sausage with onions and peppers which was very tasty. Carl told me that he gets all his sausage, Linguica, Chorico and Andouille from local suppliers and I have to say the sausage was very, very good. Prices range from $4.00 for a regular hot dog to $6.00 to $8.00 for most of the other item. Drinks are $1.25

If you find yourself in the Wakefield area and have a craving for a grilled hot dog or sausage give Fred's Franks a try. They serve a great sandwich.
They also have a web

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  1. Fred's is almost as popular in the burbs as Speed Dog is in the city, and has several prior CH threads. I like their cabbage relish but prefer Kirkland's franks from Costco, which to me taste just like the no-longer-made Best's Kosher brand. Both are all-beef, needless to say.

    1. Nothing says spring like Fred's Franks! On nice spring days you can eat your dog on the lake and just enjoy the weather.

      The dogs are cooked on a big green egg and I'm glad that Carl is keeping the quality up after buying the business from Fred.

      Afterwards you can mosey on over to the Gingerbread Construction Company for a dessert muffin...

      1. Man, that Shnurble lived up to the hype and then some. Nice snap on the meats, great charred edges, a little dry, but more than made up for by the mayo/sweet cabbage/sirachaba combo. That really took it to another level, outstanding stuff. Meat to roll ratio was perfect.

        Had a linguica there too which was solid. Hit it with some habanaise which had a nice kick (though not as hot as the name would make it sound), and sirachaba (hot sauce sweetened some?).

        I wish I would have seen the part about burgers when I went. I'll definitely try one next time I go.

        1. I got off on this exit by mistake a couple of days ago, hungry, and recognized Fred's Franks entirely due to postings here. Had a wonderful grilled sausage with sautéed onions - they were offering sautéed red peppers too but peppers do not like me. I could very happily work my way through this menu! Really nice folks too. Love the Big Green Eggs they cook on.

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            Went back and had a jumbo frank (Pearl's) -- excellent. He has now added a grilled chicken sandwich as well as the burger.