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Apr 20, 2013 10:50 AM

Oklahoma City and environs

Going to be staying in El Reno, OK, for a few days next week/weekend. I will have a rental car for those days so I can explore. Are there any good farmer's markets, hidden gem grocers, or places that carry local food products in or around the Oklahoma City area? Thanks for the help.

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  1. Why not forget OKC and eat in El Reno? It's world-famous for burgers with onion. Every May they hold a burger festival. There are four famous burger joints in El Reno. Robert's (the most famous), Sid's, Johnny's and Jobe. Robert's is a landmark. (I've never eaten there, just read about it.) As for OKC, I am far more familiar with Tulsa, but I know that OKC has great restaurants, ranging from elegant charmers such as Ludivine and Vast to homely Vietnamese outposts in the "Asian district" of 23 and Classen. Enjoy!

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      We'll probably be eating our dinners in El Reno. My husband, who doesn't eat beef, has agreed to try an onion burger! Thank you for the suggestions. I'll certainly report back!

    2. Check out the Asian District, 20's and Classen, especially the Golden Phoenix for lunch or dinner. Further up Classen is the curve with several interesting local places.

      bricktown is a tourist destination and should be treated as such. Mostly overpriced.

      And Ludivine, even if you just go for happy hour should not be missed, probably the most inventive food in OKC.

      Probably the coolest market in OKC is which is just around the corner from the Golden Phoenix,

      The major Farmers Market is run by Oklahoma State University. Don't know too much about it. If you have time the Cherry Street Farmers Market in Tulsa is the best in the state.

      Try the onion burgers in El Reno, they just add grilled onions to the burger.

      If you want to experience the past, get get a steak and calf fries at Cattleman's in the Stockyard district. There are other places in OKC I would eat before going back here. I didn't think it was all that special.

      If you hang out at the coffee shop on N Broadway in the Auto Mile district there is a good chance you will run into Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips.

      Be prepared for spring stormgasms and earthquakes. OKC can be exciting at times.

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        Thank you for the great recommendations! I will definitely check them out. We're from north Texas so I'm kinda used to those spring storms. Not so sure about the earthquakes...

      2. Search for OKC posts from foodfuser , a beloved, late, OKC CH.

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        1. Came across a foodie blogger today writing about all things OKC mostly. She knows a lot more about OKC dining than I do. Check out her recommendations.

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            Thank you. I'll have to look at that. I was looking for OKC food blogs and missed that one.

          2. If you're here on Saturday, try the Edmond Farmer's Market

            Also we have a fabulous Asian Market Cao Nguyn in the Asian District

            Forward Foods is a local gourmet grocer and has a great selection of MIO food and also an amazing cheese counter!

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              Great! That's what I was looking for. Thank you.