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Apr 20, 2013 10:42 AM

Long green stems with yellow flowers?

Can someone please tell me what this mysterious green is?
A vendor handed it to me at the market (as it was closing down) when I told him I only had a dollar left
[ I later found 1.25 in change in my bag and was similarly sold a bag of mixed salad greens ]
He said what it was, but the only thing I remember was him saying it was similar to broccoli rabe....
I know he said it could be put in a salad or sauteed lightly (which is what I plan to do) but I really want to know what it actually IS before I eat it :)

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    1. re: hannaone

      That looks quite a bit like it, actually. But when I google chinese broccoli, I get no images of the sort!

      1. I think it looks like broccolini. Not bitter. You can chop it and cook it or leave it whole. I leave it whole. Trim the stems, if some are thicker, I peel the thicker ones like asparagus so they all cook evenly. You can roast them, but I usually do a sauté and steam with garlic infused olive oil, then some chicken broth and finished with a squeeze of lemon juice once tender and some parm cheese.

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        1. re: nlgardener

          Looking at photos, this looks like it might be the best possibility...

          1. re: DreamCyn

            Maybe a yellow variety of brocolini.

        2. Oh, we had that through my CSA about two months ago. Shoot, I don't remember what it's called! But it was broccoli-like, but wasn't Chinese broccoli.

          1. Because of the yellow flowers, I'm going with Chinese broccoli.


            1. It does kind of look like Broccolini, but the main thing that looks different to me is there are only a few buds on the end of each stem, not larger clusters like Broccolini or Broccoli Rabe.