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Apr 20, 2013 10:25 AM

Downtown Lunch Recomendation Fun Fieldtrip

Need suggestions for a midweek staff lunch for about 20 Downtown. $20 per person budget. Someplace fun and different. Obviously, casual. Thanks.

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    1. Fun Soup at Hakata Ramen http://www.shinsengumigroup.com/hakat...

      Crazy sausages at Wurtkuche

      Classic LA french dip at Philippes

      Doner Kebab at Spitz

      1. One more Great mexican seafood (try the scallop tacos & ceviche) at Senor Fish http://www.senorfishla.com/

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            For a group of 20...you think they need to call ahead...whatever for? ;-D>

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              20 people would close the place down at Wood Spoon. How about Tiara Cafe?