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Feb 14, 2002 01:07 PM

Austin recommendations

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I'll be spending next week in Austin and would appreciate some dining suggestions. I'm a veg (I do eat eggs, dairy products), will eat in any type of restaurant (from hashhouses to Charlie Trotter's), tend to favor ethnic food (usually more veg-friendly) and don't really care if I spend $5 or $50, depending on my mood and hunger level. Bonus points given for a decent selection of wines by the glass.

I've done a little surfing, but trust all you 'hounds more than the Zagateers who typically compose web restaurant reviews.

Thanks in advance!

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    Rob In Austin

    Dressy casual vegetarian: West Lynn Cafe

    Laid back vegetarian: Mother's

    Asian vegetarian: Veggie Heaven

    Tex-mex vegetarian: Mr. Natural

    Vegetarian food grown on premises: Eastside Cafe, not a vegetarian restaurant.

    New-age vegan, magnetically treated food balance for yin/yang principles (I'm serious): Casa de Luz

    Vegetarian options: Almost anyplace in town

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      David "Zeb" Cook

      More choices:
      Swad -- south Indian veg, cheap, good
      Madras Pavillion -- south Indian, good lunch buffet (plus dosa), kosher!
      Manuel's -- Mex, not TexMex.
      Ped's Lemongrass -- various SE asian (mostly Thai), good wine/glass selection, many tofu options
      Louie's 106 -- order from the tapas menu, upscale
      Empanada Parlor -- uh, empanadas
      Madam Mam's -- Thai, cheap

      Hope this helps.

      David "Zeb" Cook

      1. g
        Gary Thompson

        Give wink restaurant a call for a reservation and let them know you're a vegetarian. The guys in the kitchen work with only the freshest available produce and use as much organic product as they can. They're a creative bunch and I think you'll enjoy the wine list as well, almost all of which is available by the glass. They have a website at

        1. Thanks to all for the Austin recommendations. I didn't make it to all of them but very much enjoyed Eastside, Churra's, and Casa de Luz (what a place!). I had some decent food in the 'burbs near the class I was attending as well (Indian, Thai, Korean).

          Austin is a wonder city/town...I can see now why Jerry Jeff has stayed there all these years.

          I'll definitely be back to check out Wink and the others I missed. Thanks again for your help. 'Preciate it!