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List of Low Calorie products at Costco

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I'd like to get a list of products at Costco that could be described as low calorie that might be useful to those of us of a certain age and an interest in diminishing our girth.

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  1. Where to begin with this thread...

    Let's just say that if you're counting calories, all products at Costco can be considered low calorie as long as you only eat a portion sized to deliver your goal calorie amount.

    And avoid the baked goods section. And maybe the raw baking ingredient section too.

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    1. re: trane

      Like trane said, "low calories" doesn't necessarily mean healthy. I'll substitute your "low calories" for "Healthy, weight loss friendly" items.

      -Quinoa , which replaces rice in almost all my meals.
      -Prewashed salads and greens are great
      -All those pre-cut fruits make it easy for you to substitute your deserts
      -Frozen fish filets (Olivia brand here in Canada) are high in sodium but still low in calories and fat.
      -Small yogurt (greek for example) cups are a good snack choice in lunches
      -Chicken breasts. Obviously. Seperate them and freeze them.
      -Some Real-Fruit frozen popsickles are good. Look at what's in them.
      -Packs of Crystal Light water flavouring if you have trouble drinking your daily water amount.
      -Nuts of any kind. Less sugar the better. Try not to have the cashews, they are fatty.

      As you noticed, there are very little "prepared" foods which will help you lose weight. Portion control and making your own food will let you control what goes in it.

      1. re: SourberryLily

        want to add/expand on what sourberrylily said:

        almost every single item in the walk-in produce refrigerator will fit the bill for your needs.
        in particular i use a lot of the sugar snap peas (which are always sweet and stringless).
        their prewashed organic lettuce mix is better than it used to be (less moisture so less wilting)

    2. I have been working on weight control and a couple of items that have been helpful:

      Single packets of Sabra Hummus, pretzels, baby carrots, and apple slices, grapefruit sections. Love the mini sweet peppers as well.

      I love the Amylu Gouda and red pepper burgers- they come 2 to a pack, easy to microwave and a great protein source. And the Dietz and Watson Turkey cold cuts have a thickness that makes for easy roll-ups. I don't even miss the bread.

      These have been my work staples the past few weeks: convenient and keeping me out of the cafeteria.

      I'm hoping for other suggestions in this thread to add to my rotation.

      1. I really like the Veggie Patch spinach chickpea patties. I do them in the toaster oven and dip chunks in sriracha. Sometimes in the summer I use a beefsteak type tomato as the 'bread' for a sandwich and eat with a fork and knife.
        I also go through a lot of nori... the small packets of dried seaweed. Salt and crunch minus fat... very low cal.
        I used to get Cabot lowfat snack pieces (3/4 oz) but they have vanished in Chicago alas.
        I also buy big bags of roasted almonds and portion into snack bags.

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        1. re: debbypo

          Oh, I've never seen the chickpea patties. Will need to keep an eye out. I rarely spend much time in the frozen section but these sound great. Thanks!

          1. re: IndyGirl

            The spinach chickpea patties are in the refrigerated section, in front of the rotisserie chickens/open case meats.

            I sometimes eat them as a side dish at breakfast or dinner, as well as a snack item.

          2. re: debbypo

            Yes, the spinach-chickpea patties are great. If you are not going low-carb, they are the perfect size to sandwich in a mini-pita! (and it's a great way to sneak in veggies...)

            1. re: truman

              Hi truman: I think it is more accurate to say portion control and
              minimal carb. The patties will satisfy my wife's constant "where's the veggies?" refrain.

            2. re: debbypo

              I also like Veggie Patch spinach chickpea patties but recently learned that my local Costco no longer carries them. Anyone know where I can find them? Thanks!

            3. I could list item like organic whipping cream, yes whipping cream!, Greek yogurt but, it makes no difference. It's all about what you put in vs what you burn off. Costco has great deal on tread mills.

              1. I originally posted this on the Ontario board but was moved to this location. Thanks for all the serious replies and the rest are a reason why I wanted on the Ontario board.

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                1. re: Herne

                  Sorry, I didnt mean for our humor to upset you :-(

                  1. re: Mellicita

                    No worries Mellicata. I was po'd with Chowhound for moving it from the Ontario board to this one that has a lot of helpful people suggesting products that Costco doesn't sell in Canada and that have might have come through. That is what has happened. So asking for suggestions and then putting the request in front of people who live elsewhere makes no sense.

                    But as Treb has noticed that is what happened.

                    I was at Costco this am and did buy a package of Spinach and chick pea patties which they sell on both sides of the border and I'll have one for lunch in about 30 minutes.

                    1. re: Herne

                      Loved the Spinach and Chick Pea patties. Had 2 for about 240 calories which isn't bed.

                      No 505 products in Canada I don't think but I like the idea and I'll buy a can of green chilies tomorrow and try them with the Patties.

                  2. re: Herne

                    Costco is a chain store and your topic indicates that it has nothing to do with your location so thus, Chains board!

                    1. re: treb

                      Um btw, the stock at Costco differs dramatically according to the region.

                  3. I like the Bella Sun Luci Sun-Dried Tomatoes. They come in a resealable bag and are not packed in oil. A half ounce is only 45 calories. The ones packed in oil are higher in calorie.

                    I also like the chicken and mozzarella raviolis, I don't recall the brand but they always seem to have them, both in my old store in central CA, and where I shop now in CO. 5-6 of them are 230 calories and cook in 3 minutes.

                    I also like the Pacific Gold Beef Jerky. They sell it in 1.25oz packages and each package is 90 calories, but is very filling for a snacks. Sodium's a bit high as usual w/ jerky though.

                    Also there's the wide variety of produce but I'm assuming you already know about that :)

                      1. My favorite low cal/high flavor Costco item is 505 Green Chiles. They are amazing with anything and everything and a great way to add a huge amount of flavor for about 5 calories.

                        Not certain if all Costcos carry the product, but they are in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.


                        1. Calories are not the problem. Your body needs energy. Added sugar (in dozens of forms, e.g. sugar, corn syrup, etc.) are the real problem. One, the brain doesn't register the calories so your body still needs to eat, and two, the body becomes desensitized to it which brings on metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

                          To compensate for calories, processed foods add lots of stuff that could be worse.

                          Instead, look at the ingredients. They're listed in descending order by how much is used, so if you see some "syrup" or whatever ends in "-ose" in the first two or three ingredients, that's what's giving you girth.

                          From salad dressing to bread, you'll find almost everything has lots of added sugars. That's why even though Americans have cut down on fat and calories, their waist lines continue to bulge, and the diabetes epidemic still gets worse.

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                          1. re: Gnostradamus

                            If an item is labeled/made to be 'Low Fat', sugar is added for flavor. If you want lesser carbohydrates, buy full fat products. Diabetics know this.

                            In answer to the OP's 15 month old question, eat less of anything and it will have fewer calories. Costco products can be there and gone in any given 30 day period, never to be seen again.

                            1. re: Cathy

                              Totally agree, calories are a two way street, intake vs burned.

                              1. re: treb

                                I completely agree. Even after all the info going around, people still focus on calories. It's important to disregard the "low-fat" "low calories" marketing labels on the products and take time to read the label. For instance, I've found that not all non-fat greek yogurts are equal!

                                As my nutritionist says: 200 calories of broccoli are must better for you than 200 calories of chocolate!

                          2. The ThinAddictives cookies - really, thin sliced biscotto - are 100 calories per packet. Usually that's 3 slices per packet. 20 packets in a box, if memory serves. My Nashua NH store carries only the cranberry almond one at present but last year they had a mango-almond-coconut one that was excellent. Convenient product for brown-bag lunch/snack.

                            1. If available, you might try the Trident brand salmon burgers. Eat without bread for a quick meal or at home lunch.

                              For snacking, you can buy nice Caliornia almonds in large packs. If you are watching carbs, the almonds take the place of sweet snacks.

                              I also like Kirkland brand tuna very much. We often top a dinner salad with it. From time to time, I've found canned salmon that I often use the same way.