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Apr 20, 2013 09:31 AM

best cafe's to chill and write

and get something to eat if I want. Not starbucks. All locations welcome.


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  1. Novel Cafe seems both appropriate and totally accepting of this practice by their customers.

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        Strangely the location that we go to on Ocean Park Blvd. in Santa Monica isn't listed on their web site for some reason. About 31st St. or so (in the little mini mall with the Starbucks and il Forno).

    1. Hopefully you actually do plan on eating and drinking if you plan on spending a considerable time "chillin" otherwise I say go library.

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      1. Cafe Tropical in Silver Lake. Free Wifi. People, including myself, spend hours at a time in there writing, reading, working.

        Their baked goods are so-so - overly sweet and not particularly delicious. I'd stick with the sandwiches - solid Cuban sandwich and egg sandwiches - fresh juices, guava cheese pastry and coffee.

        1. 18th Street Coffee House on Broadway in Santa Monica.

          I wonderful little gem for writers with no Wifi and no cell phones allowed.
          It's just a chill, comfortable and welcoming place with a light food/baked goods selection and good coffee and tea.
          I've seen writers sit at the same table for hours and the manager loves her patrons and gets to know the regulars by name.

          1. I tend to get a good amount done at Paper or Plastik on Pico. About 50% of the tables have people working away on laptops, and the other seats are reserved for computer-free customers. The coffee is good (if that's something you require), and you can park for free in the neighborhood just south of the shop. I have, however, gone in once or twice and had to wait about 5 minutes to snag a table.