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Apr 20, 2013 09:25 AM

What's the best Greek restaurant?

My husband loves Greek food so I want to take him somewhere with amazing food for his birthday. He doesn't eat red meat or shellfish so preferably some place with outstanding fish and poultry. I am leaning toward Pylos but am open to other suggestions. I also considered ilili for Middle Eastern, mostly because I'm obsessed with their Brussel sprouts. Thoughts?

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  1. Go to Astoria, Queens. Kyclades, Telly's, Agnanti

    1. I really like Yefsi (UES). No idea of how i compares to Pylos, however.

      1. Pylos and Ethos are both good fairly priced Greek restaurants in the city. If you want upscale Greek Estatoria Milos is very good but very expensive. Foodwhisperers suggestions are also great. I personally think Taverna Kyclades has the best fish and very reasonably priced.

        1. Kefi -- if you can stand the noise factor.

          1. Kefi is closed. Try Loi , great space, food very good.

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              Thanks everyone! Astoria is a bit inconvenient for us. We've eaten at Milos before. I'll take a look at Loi. Pylos still sounds like a solid option.

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                Wow, Kefi went out of business, or are they just closed for some other reason? When did this happen?

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                    Why google? You seem to consistently chime in with the answer