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Apr 20, 2013 09:00 AM

Request a road trip category

I am starting to plan a road trip from Milwaukee to Washington state for this summer with my family. I would really like feedback from Chow on restaurants to seek out. We are all about food, so I am willing to go off the beaten track to find great food. I've already started a list of Mexican restaurants from here to there, but want a more well-rounded plan. We did a driving trip to Maine last year and found some wonderful places, but we used Trip Advisor on the road. I'd like to plan ahead this year.

I just don't know where to post. Since this trip spans multiple categories, I'm unsure where to post. Should I post in multiple categories - Great Plains, Minneapolis, Pacific Northwest, Portland, and Seattle? I don't like to double post, so I'm asking for suggestions of what to do.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Posting in multiple categories is exactly what we ask people making road trips spanning multiple regions to do. You're likely to get more and better suggestions from locals in each area you're traveling through, and keeping local-area suggestions in their respective regional categories means that people scanning or searching those board in the future will be able to find and benefit from those conversations.

    While in general, we don't like to have people repeat the same post over multiple boards, we encourage it in situations like this, where you're asking for local information in various places and tailoring your query to each.