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Apr 20, 2013 08:01 AM

Friday night dinner in Florence

Need recommendation for relatively quiet comfortable restaurant for 8:00 dinner in or near San Croce neighborhood next Friday night for 3. Pasta/meat is fine. This is not to be a cutting edge culinary experience but a place for old (slightly hard of hearing) friends to be together. Don't want it too be too formal a setting, though the actual cost of the meal is not the deciding variable. I need a local to fill me in on the noise level of Fagioli, for instance. Any other suggestions welcome.

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  1. Ruggero, not in Santa Croce, but the money for the cab will be well spent.

    Meets all your needs.

    1. I'd take your recommendation in a minute. Will we be able to walk out of our Borgo San Croce apartment and get a taxi on the street NY style?

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        Shouldn't be a problem getting a taxi, but not New York style. Just go to the nearest cab stand. Plenty around Santa Croce.

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          We stayed two weeks on Borgo Santa Croce last year, and are doing it again later this month. Great location!

          We called a cab for the airport, but the rest of the time we walked or took buses. There are two bus stops within a block. Google maps on iPhone or Android will tell you how to get between any two points in Florence by bus. You can buy bus tickets at most newsstands and tobacco shops, or for a 10% premium you can pay for a bus ride by sending a text message.

        2. There is a taxi stand in the Santa Croce piazza, right at Via Verdi.

          A 10 minute walk away is La Pentola d'Oro, I've always had good meals there, not too loud:

          You're near i Fagioli, it can be a bit loud honestly but not really excessive.

          1. My first recommendation would be Fagioli. It's really not that loud, especially if you are in the back room.

            I also like La Pentola d'Oro, right around the corner. Very casual.

            A bit further afield, but still only a 10-15 minute walk, is Cipolla Rossa, just near San Lorenzo. It's very sedate, and excellent food. Not formal at all.


            1. Thank you all. We will indeed eat at every one of these good suggestions. I'll report back on our choice for Friday when I return.