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Apr 20, 2013 07:58 AM

short window for dinner near renaissance marriott airpot

that's basically it - I have a short window for dinner this evening, needs to be fairly close to the airport renaissance marriott. Any suggestions?

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    1. let me clarify a bit - window is about 90 minutes. Looking for something good....

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      1. re: rikk

        Popi's is right next to the Penrose Diner. It's not the best Italian we have, but you're kind of in no man's land down there.

        1. re: Philly Ray

          How is Trieste? The people I'm meeting suggested Trieste. And they are the ones under the time window. No idea where any of these are, so any good suggestions highly appreciated

      2. 90 minute window, huh? That oughta be enough but you never know. You will lose 30 minutes coming and going if all goes well. Cabs can be tough to get in South Philly, they aren't just cruising around empty.

        And don't underestimate how TSA can slow things down at PHL.

        The airport has a few OK restaurants, Cibo (italian), Legal Seafood, and a mostly Japanese place whose name I forget in B terminal.

        Just outside of security is the Marriott Hotel which has a restaurant that is about what you'd expect.

        1. How about l'angolo on broad and porter? Byo