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Apr 20, 2013 06:30 AM

Toddler-Friendly Lunch Recs in the Loop TODAY

We have a 2- and a 4-year old and are looking for ideas for lunch around The Loop. Any price point or cuisine suitable.

Would prefer a restaurant that would be suitable for a very mobile toddler with a short attention span (i.e., the toddler can wander around with me while the rest of the family finish their lunch). Obviously, we have considered restaurants with childrens' play areas, but are coming up short.

Chowhound research suggests Pizano's on E. Madison. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Pizano's would work if you're looking for a waitstaff-serves-you type place. If you want to avoid waiting 30-45 minutes for them to bake your deep-dish pizza, you can call ahead with your pizza order and they'll have it ready when you specify.

    Another option is the Wabash location of Heaven on Seven, serving Cajun/creole food in a coffeeshop/diner atmosphere on the seventh floor of a Loop office building (hence the name) -

    There are also chains of sandwich specialty type restaurants each with several locations in the Loop - nothing fancy, you pick up your food then go sit down (you're probably familiar with Panera Bread) but with good food:

    Pret a Manger - (6 locations in Loop)
    Au Bon Pain - (3)
    Hannah's Bretzel - (3)
    Panera Bread - (3)

    1. Pizano's would be good - other spots to consider more chains with ok food but had ambiance that kept my kids amused - they are a little bit out side of the loop - Rain Forest Cafe, Ed Debevic's or Big Bowl

      1. Seven on State (7th floor of Macy's) (State and Randolph/State and Washington). You can have ramen (not the best, but does the trick) or eat at Rick Bayless' place, plus a few other serviceable choices. You can definitely walk the toddler around as everyone else eats. Lots to see.