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Have you ever lost it?

I'm not to interested in cooking the last couple days. I have a kitchen full of food. Chicken,fish, ground pork lots of veggies frozen and fresh. Pantry is full. I just not feeling anything. Do any of you ever feel this way? I love food and cooking. Where do you all look for new ideas about food and cooking?

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      Really??? On Chow not Chowhound? Interesting.

    2. I'd suggest buying a book or taking class on some kind of cooking that you've never done at home: make your own sausage; prepare sushi; make dim sum dumplings from scratch; prepare a turducken (a turkey stuffed with duck and then a chicken); make a terrine (read Michael Ruhlman's description of that in "The Soul of a Chef"); bake bread; cook something su vide; make a souffle; prepare Singaporean chili crab in a wok; make kim chi; brew beer; make fresh pasta; make fresh ravioli; make yogurt; cook stir fry on a gas jet cooker from a turkey frying device in the backyard, using a large wok; look at Alton Brown's episode (the tuna episode) about making seared raw tuna with sesame seeds cooked over a jet-engine-like charcoal starter, which can be found on the Cooking Channel or Food Network or purchased from the FN store; make homemade ice cream; make cochino pibil and actually bury it in the back yard to cook it.

      As you can see, these are all "projecty" things that are, I think, engaging, rather time consuming (some more than others), and difficult to halt halfway through the project. And no, I have not done many of them. Many are on my "to do" list, but they are for me, the sorts of things that inspire a renewed interest in cooking.

      I hope that this helps.

      1. Sure, I get in ruts all the time. I often get inspired by the WFD threads, watching cooking shows, flipping thru my old mags. Other times I give in and get take out, eat lots of simple meals until I get my mojo back.

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          Yep, especially when week in and week out I'm just cooking to feed people and don't have time to 'play' in the kitchen.

          Like for instance when I have picky people visiting that just want to be fed and not interested in my "on whim" menus.

        2. It doesn't have to be a new idea. What's old can be new again.
          I usually think hard, and try to think what I made 5 years ago, 10 years ago. I usually sort through my cookbooks and note cards. Something is always found, that I say..Why do we no longer make that???...sometimes we tweak the recipe and sometime just go with it.
          Just last week, had the same issue on Tuesday. Came across a stuffed, rolled Flounder filet with shrimp, breadcrumbs, garlic and some herbs.
          Went to the fishmonger , bought the Flounder, but replaced the shrimp with clams and Italian parsley, and some EVOO instead of butter that the recipe card called for. The taste was awesome....Hadn't made stuffed Flounder in probably 2 years..

          That is just an example of how I get my cooking mojo back. Wednesday was simple, grille chicken parts, wild rice, etc, etc.

          EDIT:you might want to ask someone outside of your home, what do they like that you make?...Make it for them, you get a real pleasure rush when they tell how good it was!

          1. Thanks for the ideas. I have been the looking through old cook books and magazines today. I found a recipe I haven't made in so long. It was in an old Food and Wine magazine. Roasted tomato tart. I used to make it once a month during the summer of 03 /04. I'm making it tomorrow. Tonight is still a not a food night, so crackers and cheese and wine for me.
            I have also looked through the WFD threads and that was also great for ideas. Oh I almost forgot I did make the Chow.com's grilled cheese with jam for lunch delish.

            1. Let everyone else have a "fend for yourself" night -- even if they go for a bowl of cereal- and they have to do the clean up.

              You -- go get that fast food thing you never eat but sort-a like. Delegate as much as you can for the evening. Have a bowl of ice cream, take a soaky bath, and Go To Bed Early.

              Sometimes the pressure of WANTING to do great food all the time just depletes you, or occasionally it's information overload. Step away for a day of "rest."

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                Yeah I think this is kind of my deal lately. Every one did fend for themselves and I'm happily drinking my wine and munching on cheese,crackers and I'm OK with it. ;)

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                  Sometimes working all day and fighting traffic all the way home just depletes a body, forget about the pressure of trying to make great food. Who wants to start cooking at 7 pm when they left home at 7 am.

                2. Yeah. Happens fairly often. I like to think I make up for it in between!

                  1. Anyone else in the house? let them cook for a few days:)

                    1. Go on a vending machine burrito "fast" for about 48 hours.

                      That'll get your cooking mojo flowing again. Trust me.

                      1. We often do, and go out for dinner, hoping that the chef will inspire us, and feed us.


                          1. LIke the OP, I also lose interest in cooking. Not just for a day or so, but for weeks. Simple food gets cooked. Takeaways are bought. Etc. Shit happens. It passes in time.

                            1. You might find some good ideas here in this thread on the Home Cooking board with the same topic: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/896619

                              1. I hit a rut a few weeks ago and posted this thread which might help you out http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8966...

                                1. I have definitely been in the same situation! I've learned to look through those old recipes I've cut from newspapers and magazines and never used. Also, to take a couple of days away from cooking and just eat toast or that can of garbonzo beans with oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. Cheese and crackers work well too for me. (Wallace and Grommit all the way.)

                                  Being advised to go to a restaurant doesn't work on my budget and I find condescending that people suggest this..

                                  When I've had a surplus of vegetables from my CSA, I've done my best to cook and freeze them. Perhaps you can do this with your "kitchen full of food"? Nothing better than coming across soup or tomato sauce or shepherd's pie or whatever in the freezer when you can't be a###ed to cook!

                                  1. Jess--
                                    Just another thought.

                                    Where I am, here it is late April [of course it is late April wherever you are, too] but STILL NOT REALLY SPRING.

                                    Could you be suffering from The-Winter-That-Never-Ends fatigue?*

                                    Or even allergies?

                                    *With my apologies to LambChop and Shari:
                                    This is the season that neverrrr ends, it goes on and on my friend...

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                                    1. re: Kris in Beijing

                                      I think you might be right. I'm in Ohio, beautiful today spent all day out side.some days cold and rainy . Ready for summer. Thank you all for your tips. You all are wonderful.

                                      1. re: itsmejessica

                                        Snowing hard here in Minnesota. Sigh.

                                    2. Sure I have. I'm just coming off a work deadline that meant 60+ hour weeks for 2 months, running around, being on my feet, etc. While cooking is a hobby and a joy, it's also work that I'm not particularly interested in right now. I'd much rather stare at the computer and eat pizza. I know in a week or two I'll snap out of it, but I'm in no rush.

                                      I'm thought this might be about losing the knack of making something, which I'm going to go start a thread about.

                                      1. More discussion & inspiration here if you feel like reading:

                                        Clearly you're not alone :) I hope you find your mojo soon!

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