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Apr 20, 2013 04:51 AM

Overcooked a Pork Loin. Need Suggestions.

I smoked a pork loin last week and while running errands didn't take it off the heat in time. The results were nice flavor but pretty dry.

I vacuum sealed it for later use and am trying to figure out what I can use it in that can hide the dry factor.

I was thining enchiladas or something along those lines. Any suggestions?

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  1. why don't you slice it thinly and warm it in a nice mushroom-caramelized onion gravy made with with garlic, thyme, a bit of rosemary, and some white wine?

    or you can slice it thinly and dress it all over with your favorite bbq sauce -- then pile it on a bun with some cole slaw.

    you can also use it in a grilled cheese sandwich, like a cuban sandwich with some other moist items (swiss cheese, ham, pickles).

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      Thanks to all....I am leaning towards the cuban sandwich or the old enchilada standby.

    2. Chop it up fairly finely and rehydrate with BBQ sauce. A good size hunk of butter or bacon grease wouldn't hurt either.

      1. saucy and cheesy (a la enchilada like you mentioned) will always help mask dry - so that isn't a bad way to go.

        I've done a slow reheat in a spicy vinegar style sauce (a la Carolina style pulled pork) which I think works well too.

        1. I agree with basically everything everyone else in sayin'. You need to reheat with both some liquid and some lipid. Just do it slowly.

          1. you can go beyond warming it up slowly and braise it till it reaches 190 and becomes pullable. Enchiladas are a good idea. I would also enjoy it in pulled pork sandwiches, flautas, green chili, tucked in a steamed bao, as is on top of rice, scrambled with egg, peppers and onions (like machaca)., pulled pork nachos,

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              i'd be afraid that any sustained braising -- esp. to 190 -- would leach out the remaining flavor and toughen the thing -- especially if it is the lean loins we see nowadays.