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Apr 19, 2013 09:53 PM

Home Cooking Dish of the Month (May 2013) - Nominations

Nominations are now open the May Home Cooking Dish of the Month.
Please put down your spring roll wrappers for just a minute, and think about what we can all cook in May. If you haven't been a part of the April thread, do take a look, there have been a lot of interesting spring roll reports:

Remember, we are loosely defining a dish as an ingredient and a method of preparation. The more precise the dish is, the more we can experiment together to explore and refine our recipes.

Nominations will be open until April 25th at 8pm Pacific time (11 pm Eastern time, and 3 am April 26th GMT). Nominate your dish by typing it in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS (when we move to the voting round you can vote by clicking "recommend," but we anticipate many suggestions and discussions in this thread, so capital letters work better). You may nominate more than one dish. The dishes with the most nominations will move on to the voting round, where each person only gets one vote.

As always, if you haven't participated before, please feel free to join in. Ask questions, don't be shy, we were all new here once!

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    1. SALSA

          1. Just a slightly different take on this, but what can you do with:

            ROUND STEAK

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            1. re: boyzoma

              Oh clams would be good... though I might suggest it in a month or so when I can go dig some up from the beach out front.

              1. re: Musie

                Are clams seasonal where you are? We've been digging them for the last few months. Or maybe it's just to cold there to go digging?

                1. re: L.Nightshade

                  The ice has only just broken up from the river and the bay. It's been June /July time before you see the clam diggers out, but I think that has to do partly with the great low tides. I wade quite a ways out to some sand bars to dig up good sized clams.