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Apr 19, 2013 08:27 PM

new kosher falafel place in south river

Has anyone been to the new kosher falafel place in south river? I was just wondering how the food was. All comments are appreciated

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  1. really? Where? Name? Anything?

      1. I went to Eddie's Falafel recently and ordered the shwarma in a lafa with hummus, tehina and Israeli salad inside and harif (spicy sauce) on the side. I really enjoyed the shwarma - the meat was well spiced and the lafa itself was good quality.

        Two issues: (1) When we walked in, it was mid-afternoon (not a regular meal time) and you could tell they had just cleaned and I didn't want to smell that while I ate. I had already been considering whether to eat there or take my food to go, and that decided it for me. (2) I asked for pickles and was really surprised to hear that they were out. Thankfully when we got home, I had a can of Israeli pickles in the pantry.

        I enjoyed my dinner and would go back, probably again for takeout and if I can get there in time, their lunch special.

        Has anyone else tried it yet?

        1. I went there just to try the hummus. The hummus was wonderful, smooth, and delicious but I also had an issue with the odor in the place. It was overwelming and made me not want to return. If someone is running a business and doesn't have the common sense to figure that out I start to worry about how well they're taking care of food safety. It may not fair but it's my honest impression.