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Kosher food in detroit suburbs??

Hello! My boyfriends parents are coming to town (we live in detroit proper) and we are looking for some kosher restaurants to take them to, and possibly somewhere where we can buy prepared kosher foods to buy for them. Like a deli or something.

Any recommendations would be so appreciated! We saw Jerusalem pizza in the jcc but are looking for something a tiny bit fancier/not pizza.
Thank you!

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  1. For my tastes, the very best deli food in the area can be had at Stage Deli in West Bloomfield. Warning: it is *expensive*, even by deli standards (which I think tend to be expensive anyway), but still: their corned beef on rye with cole slaw and Russian dressing along with new dill pickles? Unbeaten. For $14-15 (and no, that doesn't include beverage, tax, or tip), it had *better* be, and they get it right. Honestly.

    Now the service? If you go in expecting "pretty crappy" service, I can guarantee that you'll leave either justified or *perhaps* pleasantly surprised, if you're lucky. The service there is almost always bad, so don't feel wrong to tip in the same way. If, by chance, you do happen to get good service, please do tip well and *make mention of it* to management. It's important.

    Hope you enjoy the visit from his folks!

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      The sandwiches are huge. For many folks, one would feed two people. It has a certain New York/Old World deli atmosphere which may include indifferent service, but I wouldn't let that stop you from going there. Some of those waiters seem like they're just off the boat, and they're coming from places where customer service is nonexistent.

    2. I do not believe that Stage Deli is a kosher restaurant There is one on the campus at Wayne State and if you google "Kosher restaurants Detroit" you will find others.

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        Well, I learned today (thanks to you) that the only things that are *actual* kosher at the Stage are their hot dogs and bologna. Everything else is kosher *style*, but not actually kosher proper. I'm surprised-as-all-get-out that their corned beef isn't kosher. I always thought it was.

        My apologies to the OP for this oversight. Guess I can't be as helpful as I thought I could.

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          I was surprised when I realized how limited is the number of options in our area.

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            It is a common misconception. In fact, an Orthodox Jew would not eat the hot dogs in such a restaurant. A kosher restaurant serves only meat or only dairy and must go through a certification process.

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              Yes I suspected that stage was not kosher when I looked at their menu and saw ham and cheese ; )
              But I very much appreciate the suggestion!

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            The kosher (dairy) restaurant at WSU is Gold 'n' Green's. It's a college cafeteria with very limited hours, and the food, frankly, isn't that great.

          3. Thank you yes I did google -- but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of kosher places that they RECOMMEND. Thanks!

            1. Unique Kosher Carry Out
              25270 Greenfield
              Oak Park, MI
              With booths inside as well as carry out.
              Very good very reasonably priced.
              Everything needed for a Friday night dinner.

              Next door is Zeman's Bakery, also Kosher.

              Harvard Row Kosher Meats
              6221 Orchard Lake Rd
              West Bloomfield, MI
              Has a more limited carry out and having not yet tried the prepared food unable to comment on taste.

              Hope this helps.

              If they want a very interesting experience take them to the Downtown Synagogue for Friday night services. They will probably find it to be one of the highlights of their visit and insist on returning on their next visit.

              1457 Griswold St
              Detroit, MI 48226
              They have a website.

              1. The Oldest surviving Jewish Deli in Detroit proper,,, run by by Stuart Litt keeps it real. You must stop by to say Hello to Stuart at the Famous Hygrade Deli.

                You gotta have it crave it and enjoy it the only place to get the most succulent Corned Beef sandwich ever,,,, many reviews on many review sites will tell you the same thing. Three generations of families still stop in for that jumbo reuben sandwich that puts a smile on your face and that great feeling in your tummy. Step back into time very unique old school interior and waitress's too. This is just out of a movie seen I tell you. Oh yea they did film some Detroit 187 scenes there too. Another favorite is the cold cut plate loaded with all those most flavorful meats along with cole slaw and tater salad and rye bread. Now get on down to say you to have had the best in the D

                Best Damn Corned Beef since 1955

                Now you just gotta know a place has something great going on to last 57 years that would be the corned beef best in the D by far. Sliced heavenly thin and put between great sourdough rye bread, life just does not get any better, I ordered mine with double meat and walked out stuffed WOW. The Lima bean soup was the best ever and the wife had a double meat patty melt with fries all as very good. Please see my photo's and give them a try. The retro paneling and vinyl chairs will take you back 50 years in time just one block off Grand Blvd on Michigan ave only 3 minutes to downtown Detroit. Fast friendly service Linda was a hoot and the place is spotless clean too.

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                  Thank you for your recommendation but I don't think hygrade is kosher. (Just for anyone reading this in the future). A kosher restaurant doesn't serve pork, and doesn't serve meat and dairy together (like, for example, a patty melt). But thank you for taking the time to comment!

                  1. re: maxnoodles

                    MaxNoodles I'm so sorry I assumed this great place I've been eating at since a child is not Kosher,,, well maybe I should have said Jewish which Mr. Litt surely is. He plates up Detroit's famous Sy Ginsberg's meats which is located just a couple blocks away. He is struggling to survive and continues to offer the very best Jewish type Deli sandwiches and other foods in Detroit proper. Please read the article from yesterday's Detroit Crain's ENJOY


                    1. re: ALPOE

                      but it's not kosher & neither is Sy Ginsberg's meats.
                      Zingermans is not kosher either.

                      1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

                        Thanks for the info,,,,, I'm not Jewish just a Foodie that enjoys all,,, I found this link I'm sure needs some updating for Kosher foods all over the USA ENJOY


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                      The all Sy Ginsberg Jewish Deli Plate at Hygrade Deli with House made Potato Salad and Coleslaw a Favorite of mine. Here's a link to the menu. ENJOY


                      1. re: ALPOE

                        @ALPOE: The problem with sites like kosherdelight.com is that they are advertising sites. They only include listings for a fee.

                        At one point they listed all the kosher establishments certified by me through my kosher agency Kosher Michigan (www.koshermichigan.com), however they now require $200 for a listing. See below:

                        Dear Rabbi Miller,

                        It is very unfortunate that we can no longer dedicate the amount of time needed for updates without any income that follows that. We are now asking for organizations who send us their updates to make a reasonable donation to us, so we will be able to include their updates. The minimum contribution would be 200$ for one full year.

                        All the best,

                        Rachel Orian
                        Kosher Delight - Your Jewish Online Magazine!

                        1. re: RabbiJason

                          one useful but often out of date webpage is

                          you always need to check re: kashrut & if establishment is still open.

                          1. re: RabbiJason

                            Before the Honorable Rabbi Jason Miller gets disciplined by the M*derator (and I musn't be alone in the guilty pleasure of anticipating that imminent eventuality), I must first inquire, "So, how about Masal Tov in Windsor---worth the border crossing??"

                            1. re: VTB

                              PS-- I speak genuinely. It is an honor to have your valuable insight on the board. That being acknowledged, I'm preparing some popcorn so I can munch in comfort while I enjoy being a spectator to the coming replies from the Inn Season haters and the Kosher Delight attorney.

                              1. re: VTB

                                I'm going to forgo my typical ISC seething hatred, since the OP obviously *really* needs a "nicer" kosher place to dine. I *despise* the place, but now that I've said that, I'm done.

                                1. re: boagman

                                  Whoah! I don't know what kind of deep seated message board controversies I'm stepping on -- but I just wanted to say we did in fact go to inn season and it was a very pleasant experience! The food was not spectacular but the special eggplant curry with basmati rice and guava/mango chutney was tasty --a noodle dish not so much. The service was very nice and friendly and I found the restaurant to be very comfortable and pleasant and I think the parents were very happy. They are not super picky about food (taste-wise, obviously they are picky about it kosher-wise).
                                  Thank you thank you everyone who posted I really appreciate it!!!

                              2. re: VTB

                                isn't everything worth the border crossing? :)
                                I have eaten at Mazel Tov four times,
                                it was great 3x & not very good 1x but that's always a possibility!
                                menu consisted of typical kosher meat restaurant fare
                                (no dairy served at all)
                                grilled meat ,schnitzel, hummos, chicken soup, fish , kugel, challah etc.

                      2. How kosher do you need? most restaurants are dairy, not meat, no fancy kosher restaurant has lasted very long here. there is also a Chowhound kosher board you might want to try.

                        There are some fun places like the kosher Dunkin Donuts -dairy w/ veggie sausage.
                        25170 Greenfield Road

                        Here is the Vaad kosher list -orthodox


                        Kosher Michigan-conservative


                        Hillel at UM in Ann Arbor is open to the public but you need to call in advance, food can be good -meat, fish & parve



                        if you have passports you could go to Windsor:
                        -meat restaurant in Peretz House by the JCC
                        Mazal Tov Kosher Cuisine
                        1653 Ouellette Avenue
                        Windsor, ON
                        I'm not sure of current hours they are open, they have a meat buffet sometimes. Food was good in the past when I've eaten there.

                        Hillers Supermarkets have a ok selection of kosher meat & deli etc. & also One Stop Market (kosher)

                        1. Hi MaxNoodles: I get this question often because there are not a lot of certified kosher restaurants in Metro Detroit.

                          Also, as you can see from the comments, people often confuse a Jewish-style deli with a kosher restaurant. Therefore most of the restaurants suggested below might serve Jewish staples like corned beef and matzah ball soup, but they are not kosher restaurants.

                          It sounds like you know about Jerusalem Pizza in the West Bloomfield JCC and also in Southfield.

                          I would recommend the following restaurants:

                          Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak (Kosher Michigan) - Sit down, moderately priced, creative menu, decadent desserts, vegetarian

                          Udipi Indian Restaurant in Farmington Hills (Kosher Michigan) - Sit down, inexpensive, full menu, vegetarian

                          Try it Raw in Downtown Birmingham (Kosher Michigan) - Don't let the name scare you; everything is raw but the menu is creative, fresh and delicious, counter service with ample seating

                          Sara's Deli in Oak Park JCC (COR) - Sit down, moderately priced, not fancy

                          Unique Kosher in Oak Park (COR) - Counter service with 2 booths, Moderately priced, not fancy

                          Liquid Lunch in Downtown Birmingham (Kosher Michigan) - Smoothies, raw lunch menu, inexpensive, counter service with some stools by the window and one table

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                            Thank you so much Rabbi Jason and Michigan Mishuganer this is such great thorough information!

                            We were planning to go to the Hillel in Ann Arbor for dinner tonight -- but I have heard Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak is very good! hmmmmmm...

                            1. re: RabbiJason

                              Has any eaten at the Michigan Hillel recently? Was it good? I like the idea of a meat meal, but if it is not going to be as good maybe it's not worth the trek...

                              1. re: maxnoodles

                                the food is OK but nothing fancy- for students who want kosher food since dorms don't offer it.

                                1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

                                  In East Lansing, at Michigan State University, Kosher Michigan certifies kosher dinners 5 evenings a week at Brody Residence Hall and Wilson Residence Hall.

                                2. re: maxnoodles

                                  another option might be getting food from caterer?


                                  they had a pretty fantastic restaurant that did not last.
                                  their supervision is Star K



                                  at Farm Fresh market.

                                  1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

                                    Oh interesting this cari kosher looks very nice! Thank you much for all your help!

                                    1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

                                      The Epicurean Group website (formerly the Matt Prentice
                                      chain) mentions kosher catering.

                                3. Here is a link to kosher certifying authority in Detroit listing the kosher establishments - http://cordetroit.com/kashrus/retail-... - it has been a while since I have been in Detroit so I cannot speak form experience -

                                  1. Question the Middle Eastern eating spot say Halal is Kosher,,, is this the truth ?? see link to photo/