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Apr 19, 2013 07:52 PM

Fresh young ginger [Buffalo area]

Where can i buy fresh young ginger around Toronto or Buffalo NY. I want to make ginger candy and it requires fresh young ginger. Does anyone know if fresh young ginger is available online. Thank you

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Chinatown in Toronto would be my guess. Just about any produce market should have young ginger starting this time of year. Some markets may have it all year round.

      1. I searched all over China town and Kensington market last night for young ginger. I'll try the St Lawrence market today. Please let me know if you find any in Toronto I'd love to get some young ginger!

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          You might also look in some Indian shops, if you have any around. My shop here in NJ has a few different kinds of ginger.

          1. re: LiMe_83

            I have searched a few asian grocery stores (t&t supermarket, Ocean, Mr India Grocer) and St Lawrence Market but did not find any young (also known as baby or spring ginger) ginger. Having said that i found organic ginger (rather young and fresh) in one of the stores in st lawrence market with a hefty price of $7+ per lb. Would you kindly let me know if you finf them. Many thanks in advance.

            1. re: Lolipopcandy

              apparently 7$/lb is about market price for spring ginger. (ny times references it as ranging between $5-10/lb) How young and fresh was the ginger? was it pinkish at all?

              I will absolutely let you know if I find it, if you would do the same I'd really appreciate it. Might try Wychwood Barns farmers market this weekend if I have the time. Good luck hunting!

              1. re: LiMe_83

                I've never seen young ginger for more than $3.99 lb. in NYC.