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Apr 19, 2013 07:33 PM

"Silk Road" - Amazing 'Uyhur' Lamb Soup Noodle that deserves special stand alone review!!

Located on Horner Avenue in the middle of no where, this genuine hole-in-the-wall, family run Uyhur Noodle House, is the proud recipient of one of '2013 GTA Chinese Restaurant 10 Best Dishes Award'.
Today, I made a special drive all the way out west to see what the hype was all about! I was so glad I made the trip!!
I ordered the award winning ' Uyhur hand-cut noodle in lamb soup ' and a few sticks of Cumin crusted B-B-Q Lamb skewers.
First, the noodle. I never knew such a great noodle product exist in Toronto!! It was 'out of this world' good!! The broth was so flavorful and complex. An umami galore! Topped with chopped herbs ( scallions, cilantro and parsley ) and home made chili oil, these mixture formed a killer aromatic and taste combo. The large quantity of 'melt in the mouth tender' lamb spare-ribs oozes out an unfamiliar but extremely pleasant fragrance. All in all, a fantastic bowl of noodle that trumps a good bowl of Vietnamese Pho any day. A new and memorable eating experience for me!
BTW, at $1.99 a stick, the nicely seasoned, tender and smoky delicious Lamb b-b-q skewer was, IMO. a steal!!

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  1. Glad you found your way to our neighbourhood hole-in-the-wall. Their lamb never fails to delight. But other chowhounds have complained that they were turned away without a reservation! Was it busy when you visited?

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    1. re: Food Tourist

      Yes! But we just stood around and wait for the next opening! Pretty fast turnover!

    2. I drove by on Sunday afternoon and it looked closed? Do they have a takeout menu at least if the tables are always so full?

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      1. re: BigWillyWonka

        They definitely do take out (I did that for the lamb noodle)!
        But you do want to check hours before you go - they've got funny hours sometimes.

        1. re: jlunar

          Not to mention the parking lot is an absolute nightmare...

          1. re: bernardtkchan

            Best to find a spot in the neighbourhood and walk in. Less painful.

            I don't actually think that lot was built for cars.

            1. re: bernardtkchan

              Just park right across the street.

              Also, people need to stop bumping this thread or they're gonna run out of food at 6pm instead of 8:30pm all the time.

        2. I just tried to go here with a friend and were told that they wouldn't serve us without a reservation and that people order in advance. This was after being sat by a dude in the front, some old asshole came out and basically told us to leave. I... have never actually been pissed off at a restaurant before but this was pretty unprecedented for me. Fuck these guys

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          1. re: disgusti

            damn, thats brutal....and how would one order in advance if its their first time? they don't even have an online menu! sounds like the soup nazi!!!

            1. re: BigWillyWonka

              It was very soup nazi-esque except we weren't even given a chance to flub an order, we just got the boot

            2. re: disgusti

              That's the same thing that happened to me! How could I know what to order in advance, if I've never been?

            3. I don't know if your Urghur is up to it, but can you find out and report if the place changed hands in the last few years?

              1. Was there this evening for takeout. Super quick, friendly service. A table of 2 customers were perusing the only takeout menu but I already knew my order so I was able to ask a couple of questions and received my food right away.

                It's my first visit since the major renovations which the lady said happened "a year ago". The atmosphere and decor is much nicer, more modern and inviting than before.

                Food is still good.

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                1. re: Food Tourist

                  Unless I was somehow in a different restaurant this afternoon, if the atmosphere and decor is nicer than it was... what the hell did it look like before?

                  1. re: disgusti

                    It was a "hole in the wall" with a photo menu posted overhead.

                    1. re: Food Tourist

                      Yeah, it's much more of a restaurant feel now. Albeit a regular plastic-on-the-tables kind of restaurant, but not so much a take-out hole (though I've never seen it myself before the reno - just based on what people have told me).

                      1. re: jlunar

                        anyone have tips on like, how to get food there? someone wanna smuggle me some takeout? i really don't feel like ever going back into that place but i haven't been able to stop thinking about charles' picture of that soup since i saw it

                        1. re: disgusti

                          It's really, really good. I walked in just before 6p some months back and just did take-out. Soup only.