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Apr 19, 2013 03:18 PM

Help! TAKASHI (West Village) worth a visit?

Their uni looks amazing. Was wondering if Takashi in the West Village is worth a special trip. Some people complain of tiny portions...

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  1. Do you love beef, offal, and Asian flavors? Is total cost not a deal breaker for you? Are you willing to wait for a table at what is a pretty small restaurant? Do you like to try a lot of smaller items? That's what their experience is about.

    The uni dish is good, but not my favorite there, as the taste of their high quality, premium beef gets masked by other flavors.

    Their sourcing is better than most, which isn't cheap. Stick to dishes that really show off the beef.

    From their site:

    "We spent months hand-picking where each cut of beef would come from, settling for nothing but the tastiest meat from sustainably-raised cattle with no antibiotics or hormones. We proudly feature beef from local New York state farms courtesy of Dickson’s Farmstand in Chelsea Market, from Kansas’ Creekstone Farm courtesy of Pat Lafrieda, and Oregon’s Washugyu cows courtesy of Japanese Premium Beef."

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      i agree with kathryn, but as long as cost isnt a gating factor id highly recommend trying it. its one of the places i really like in NY right now

      btw definitely get the U.S. Kobe Marbled Chuck-flat Steak (6oz), i just checked and its still on their menu, i think its really good

      here's an old review of takashi i did:

    2. Thanks, Kathryn. I like smaller restaurants. Their uni and foie gras dishes intrigue me the most.

      If I reserve for 2, will there still be a long wait?

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      1. re: Liquid Sky

        They only take reservations for 4 or more.

        The foie gras stuffed mini burger is fine but maybe has too much chocolate sauce. I couldn't really taste the foie. Focus on the mega spare rib, beef tartare, beef cheek, short ribs, beef belly...

        1. re: Liquid Sky

          If the uni and foie dishes intrigue you the most I think you're missing the point of Takashi. I think you'd be better off spending the money on other places more focused on foie (DB bistro burger if you want a burger with foie in it) or uni (Soto?)

          I'm also very much in the minority as one of those who didn't like the uni beef dish. Too much shiso which was overpowering. The beef had little flavor and was mostly there for texture, which was fine but I didn't think their uni was anything special (I'm spoiled by 15 East).

          1. re: fooder

            Good to know! I'll look into Soto...

        2. For uni, i second 15 East, also Kanoyama usually has Hokkaido uni and others. If it's foie gras you want, either go to the various French restaurants or bistros like Cercle Rouge or Paradou. Or go to Sushi of Gari for foie sushi.
          When you think Takashi , think meat

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          1. re: foodwhisperer

            Thanks, food whisperer! Any thoughts on BOHEMIAN RESTAURANT in NoHo?

            1. re: Liquid Sky

              i think Bohemian is good, but ive found the best things there are generally their beef dishes like their beef sashimi although their uni croquette is very good as well. everything is generally good although i dont think ive ever been blown away by any of the dishes

              it is a cool place to have a long dinner and drinks with friends (dinner usually takes like 2 hours). feels like eating in someone's living room

          2. i went a few months after they opened and i left unimpressed. i splurge for top quality sushi and steak but when grilling it yourself, i felt like i was getting a variation of korean bbq for 3x the price.

            the most memorable thing i ate was their vanilla soft serve.

            id go back if someone else was paying but thats about it for me.

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            1. re: sam1

              Thanks, sam1. I'm leaning more towards Bohemian Restaurant or Anissa at this point. I'm more in to uni and foie gras than offal or beef parts.

              1. re: sam1

                Sam1-your review is spot on. I too felt it was top splurge and would have rather been to typical Korean in Ktown. That said, I would still return cause the space is quaint and staff very nice.

              2. Stopped in this past weekend and luckily were able to get a seat. Asian-Cajun Andoillete was great, well seasoned, with a nice bounce when you bit into the sausage. We also had the U.S. Kobe Marbled Chuck-flat Steak (6oz) which was delicious and tender and fatty, as well as the short ribs, and yooke (steak tartare). They might have my favorite steak tartare in the city.