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Apr 19, 2013 02:57 PM

Canal St. Martin?

Hi there. Traveling wih a small group that includes 3 teenagers and definitely want to go to Canal St. Martin have a glass of wine of La Patache....but where to head for dinner afterwards???

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  1. My favorite on the Canal Garance closed (the one on the LB is totally unconnected), Galopin isn't too far.

    1. Philou as well as Youpi et Voila.

      1. We've had two great lunches at Chez Prune. Casual and fun place.

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        1. re: macdog

          As the resident grouch, I must respectfully respond that
          While Philou was a 6.0/10,
          Chez Prune was so bad that my buddy brought out a bottle of sesame seeds to spread over everything and
          Youpi et Voila was neither Yippee-Ki-Yay ot There (4.0/10).
          Tell me what's wrong with Galopin? Not Gallopin.
          Even though the New York Times has cursed it by praising it, it's pretty good for the nabe.

          1. re: John Talbott

            Poster said they had 3 teenagers-thought that was a better place with more options for kids.

            1. re: macdog

              I agree that Le Galopin might be a reach for teenagers.

              As I remember, Phyllis, Pti, DH and I as well as J.T's two dining companions all had positive experiences at Youpi et Voila. 6 out of 7 aren't bad odds.

        2. As a local, my choices in the Canal St Martin quartier tend to be movable feasts. If the weather is good, I tend to prefer restos with terraces or open fronts i.e. Philou on the avenue Richerand, Le Cambodge (also on the ave Richerand) for a taste of Indochine, the very popular (impossibly so at weekends) Chez Prune on the rue Beaurepaire/ quai Valmy for drinks/ snacks/ people-watching, or Bistrot des Oies on the rue Marie-et-Louise. (BTW, most bistros with the conventional long and narrow footprint turn into saunas during heatwaves.) Since sunset gets close to 10pm in June, I'm also quite happy to order a pizza at Pink Famingo on the rue Bichat, get my pink balloon, and then go wait along the Canal for it to be delivered and to savour the long lingering dusk. If the weather is not good (most of the time), I'd probably go to Bang! at 112 quai Jemmapes ...a relatively cheap and very cheerful "grillade" with excellent meat (including kangaroo) for doing it yourself at the table or letting the kitchen doing it to order... and probably the most easily liked by teenagers judging from my 15-year old cousin's reaction. Or the Michelin be-Bibbed Chez Marie-Louise on the rue Marie-et-Louise for some excellent great-value bistro fare in cutesy surroundings. Or the very good and very affordable Les Enfants Perdus on the rue Recollets... slightly out of the way (at least for me on my usual circuit) and I haven't been for dinner but the lunch and brunch are excellent so I imagine the dinner service is similarly recommendable. If you don't mind a 10-minute walk, the ultra-picturesque place Sainte Marthe attracts a very trendy/ hip crowd: lunch or dinner at foodie delight Le Galopin (not a good place if there's a heatwave) and drinks/ people-watching at the very popular bar La Sardine with tables in the square in the summer and the adjacent café-bar Le Sainte Marthe.

          Since you are a group of at least 5, rezzies will be obligatory. In summer, I usually make a couple of reservations at a good-weather and a bad-weather resto and then cancel one or the other as soon as I know if it will be warm/ sunny or cool/ dreary. If it's good weather, I will also re-confirm and make sure I get a table on the terrace.

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          1. re: Parnassien

            Are the pizzas at Pink Flamingo sized for one person or are they larger? Thank you.

            1. re: Kat

              I've never noticed small pizzas at Pink Flamingo. If sweet and charming, you can probably talk your way into a half pizza... but I suspect they will only deliver the standard pizza to you at the Canal St Martin. You can also try Maria Luisa on the corner of the rue Marie-et-Louise and the rue Bichat to see if you can get a 1-person order of pizza or something else on their take-out menu.

              1. re: Parnassien

                Perfect, I was hoping for a larger pizza for the 3 of us. Maybe 2 pizzas with leftovers will do. Thanks!

                1. re: Kat

                  I see from the other thread that you have a 10-yr old in tow... he/ she will be tinkled pink by the here-we-are balloon idea for delivering pizzas to the Canal St Martin.

                  There's always some low-budget backpacker-type tourists hanging around the Canal St Martin who would be delighted by some free left-over pizza.

          2. Many thanks for the recommendations! Teens looked at Bang last night and thought it looked "cool" or delivery from Pink Flamingo. While not the perfect place for my husband and I--we need to throw them a bone as they have agreed to some foodie places for us.

            Thanks again!