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Addendum's re opening in Yountville

cortez Apr 19, 2013 01:27 PM

Went excitedly today for lunch at Addendum, now reopened for the season. The menu has changed slightly with a Gyro now offered instead of the BBQ of last year. Fried chicken remains the other entree choice. Both have the same three side dishes. $16.50 for each entree.

I'm sad to report that we were essentially disappointed. The chicken portion was tasty but reduced to a three piece portion- wing, leg and thigh or small part of a breast. Flavor was terrific as ever. But, it was near room temperature rather than hot. Similarly, the gyro was just above room temperature. It's fixings (dill, onions, lettuce, olives, sauce) were fresh. The lamb was shredded and modestly distributed in the whole wheat, thicker version of pita.

The sides were mixed: cornbread was buttery and delicious. The multi colored potato salad was lightly dressed and wonderfully textured. The cole slaw was very mushy (like oatmeal) and quite bland and uninteresting.

In sum, it felt like the price point had been retained but the ingredients had been reduced in size and complexity and the freshness (eg, tepid temperature and gooey cole slaw) had been compromised. $16.50 for a simple gyro? Not good value. No real chicken breast in the fried chicken entree? Puzzling.