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Apr 19, 2013 12:13 PM

Billy Sims BBQ Troy, MI

Just opened at South blvd & Crooks is a Billy Sims BBQ. There has been one in Southfield that has all the standard reviews of everyone's personal " I would have done this differently" but the proximity for me and the friendly people are very inviting. $6.99 for a pulled pork sandwich with one side (excellent baked beans) and one big smile. The pickle alone was worth it. Only tomato based sauces (Hot or mild) and I would have used some vinegar/mustard for my pork but that's not how Billy runs his place (actually a franchise run by a local) but to each his own. Other sites are raving about the ribs so that is next.

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  1. I've tried the one in Southfield and was actually surprised by how well it came off. I wasn't expecting Slows level of quality (which it isn't), but I was happy enough with what I had to enjoy it. Like you, I agree that a mustard-based thick sauce would be welcome for the pork, but the sauce that was there was certainly functional. Better still, the folks there allowed me to try a bite of one of the sides (potato salad, possibly?) before I ordered in order to see if it was worth it (unfortunately, no), so I went with cole slaw, which was fine.

    It's a place I could go back to after church on Sunday, as it's convenient to our location and it's pretty good.

    1. Very similar experience for me. Nice people, and generous with test tastes. I thought the ribs were rather good for the price and the pulled pork was worth having again. Though, the brisket was pretty marginal. I like nearby Dickey's sliced (not chopped) brisket more, but that is about the only thing Dickey's has on Sims (okay, Dickey's has good promos and freebies, too).

      Sims creamy potato salad was a bit unnatural for me (I ate it but have no idea what was in there), so I'll try the mustard version next time. The mellow beans were actually TOO healthy for me, as I like all kinds of nasty smoked fat drippings in mine, along with tons of chile powder and vinegar. But, I'd order them again. My hope is that Sims green beans will be frozen rather than canned...unrealistic?...will find out.

      The spicy sauce was lame. But, the ribs stood on their own and the takeout pulled pork got some toppings from home. Yum. Very welcome addition to the area!!!

      1. Thanks for the review. This place is within walking distance for me and I've been driving by thinking I should stop, but not knowing anything about it. I'll try it this weekend.

        1. Thanks for this, I didn't realize they'd opened one in Troy. A co-worker and I had lunch at Dickey's in Troy a few months ago and were totally unimpressed so I'm hoping this will be better (and closer to work to boot!)

          1. Again GG, thanks for the review or I probably would have stayed away. I had both of my adult kids home so we had take out one night last week and it was pretty busy considering it had only been open a few weeks. My usually non-meat eating daughter got the pulled pork sandwich and said she would get it again (that means a lot at my house), son got pulled brisket and really enjoyed, plus he loved the coleslaw...sauce not too runny. My sandwich was the smoked chicken which was sliced and perfectly moist, not in a sauce which was fine with me. Both my daughter and I had the baked beans and I loved the thickness of the sauce...just might pick that up alone. The food was pretty good for a franchise....again it gets bonus points for being near my house. We've had both Dickey's and Famous Dave's are decided they were not worth the drive. This corner needed some decent food, so I think it hit the mark for me as I just started a new job so it will be perfect for a stop on my way home.

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              Grouper, I ate pretty much the same thing you did last week, picked up a smoked chicken sandwich and side of beans for lunch and share your opinion. Next time, am trying the pulled pork for sure!