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Apr 19, 2013 11:50 AM

Tricky Logistics! Help!

Alright, fellow CH-ers, here's one for you to sort out for me. The SO and I are meeting two other couples for dinner this Saturday. We are in Columbia Heights, another couple is in St Louis Park, and the third is in Circle Pines. Any ideas on a resto that would make all travelers happy?

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  1. Some ideas. It'll depend on who you want to have drive further.

    Victory 44
    Barley John's

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        1. re: Db Cooper

          I have a friend that works there, so that could be perfect.

    1. Nectar Wine Bar and Bistro.

      1. Are you looking for restaurant advice in general or within the CH/CP/SLP boundary?

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        1. re: jeff55432

          Something within that boundary. Ideas?

          1. re: fudgeyburke

            Hmmm.........Maybe the Shorewood in Fridley? The place is kind collar, but their food is tasty and their menu is quite diverse so anyone will find something they like. For something more classy, maybe venture further south into Northeast (N.E. Social, Erte', Jax Cafe.)

            1. re: jeff55432

              We were recently pleasantly surprised by the Shorewood. It's a Greek-ish/ steakhouse menu FWIW. Live music most nights.