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Tender and Yo Rita in Pittsburgh

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So I was in Pittsburgh last weekend and thought I'd give my thoughts on Tender, since I haven't seen any posts on it.

We went and I shared the beef on weck, turducken, and poke (with hamachi). I enjoyed all three. I thought the poke was well done and not over marinated. I also thought the turducken was tender and pretty delicious and well-seasoned. The people who shared the beef on weck with me really liked it a lot. I thought it was good, but was missing the horseradish kick I really enjoy. We also got the mac and cheese. I didn't find it to be anything special, so order something else to try.

Overall, I would go again for the poke and maybe to try some other dishes. Some in my group got the lobster rolls and really enjoyed them. I'm always hesitant to get lobster anywhere but coastal New England, since I'm from Massachusetts and therefore can be snobby, but I thought they looked good and were a pretty good portion size. I think you'd have to get at least two dishes per person to be full. The portions were pretty big for small plates. I think that the some of the more normal fare dishes were a little overpriced.

Service was great. Cocktails were good. We were all able to sit at the bar.

Also want to thank you guys on here for mentioning Yo Rita several times on the board. I went there also and really enjoyed the crab and lamb tacos. Drinks were good there as well. They messed up my order (gave me lamb instead of steak), but was happy about it and even gave me the steak taco on top for free.

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