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Apr 19, 2013 10:03 AM

Focaccia is not rising after second proof

I make focaccia every day. I have an awsome recipe that was going great for the past few months. Lately (three weeks) I have lost the thickness. It will rise the first time (30min) then I transfer to the cooking pan and spread it out like usual and pro-oven proof another 30 min. When I pull it out and add the seasoning and cheese on top it sinks flat and will bake that way. What is going on here? It never did that untill three weeks a go.

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  1. Weather change? That's odd and would be driving me crazy.

    What recipe are you using? I have been toying with a few but have settled on having a wetter dough and letting it rise a few times. This is all new to me but my focaccia is really almost perfect! As is my huge ego!

    Good luck, I'll be watching.

    1. Did your yeast expire? Or, as potterstreet suggested, weather (specifically humidity) might be affecting it. Also, is your oven temperature all right?