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Apr 19, 2013 10:00 AM

Help me make Potato Chips

I have tried to make potato chips from scratch and I am failing miserably. My chips come out golden but after cooling time they are still wet, soft, oily. I have tried putting them on brown paper towels to soak up the oil but they are still soft and wet. I use Veg oil, a fry thermometer and hold the heat at 360 - 380 as it will flux when you add the chips. I am NOT using a deep fryer as I have none. I use the inner container of an old counter top fryer ontop of a gas element. I have success making anything and all things deep fried except the potato chips. I have tried almost all types of tattors and found best success with russets. I have sliced with a mandaline various thickness from see through to twice cardboard thick and still most are soft after cooling. I have soaked the slices in sugar water, salt water and just water still lose more then half to soft when cool.

Need help or suggestions thanks.

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  1. Although I've never tried it, a lot of folks claim good results by using the microwave.

    1. Slice the potatoes thin. Soak 'em in water for an hour or so, stir occasionally and replace the water if too much residual starch builds up. Drain 'em well.

      Next, cook the chips in 205 to 275 degree oil for about two to three minutes to "blanch". Then, let 'em cool for fifteen to twenty minutes or more.

      Finally, throw them back into 350 to 375 degree oil until crisp.

      Salt and pepper to taste immediately after draining on paper.

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      1. re: MGZ

        Thanks I'll give it a try and let you know.

        1. re: ourplacebfn

          That should have read "250 to 275 degree oil" for the blanch, ok?

          Otherwise, you're welcome, good luck, and enjoy.

      2. When I made my own chips I found I had to take them darker than I would've so that they'd be crisp. Brown, instead of gold. Not burnt though and still tasty.

        My guess is either the excess starch or my mandolin was not set thin enough. Although I have one of those with only two settings and I used the thinnest one.

        1. Ok I have it now with some trial and error. I found the right thinness and I cook at 270 and no more. They come out perfect golden and crisp with no blanching. I use russets by the way.

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            Just found this thread. So you didn't soak in water first? I do that and have never had any problem. I don't even worry about the temp of the oil. But glad it worked.

            1. re: c oliver

              Yes no water and I mandaline them as I go :-)

              Also there is a point where if you start at 250 - 270 the chips will stop cooking and float golden brown.