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Feb 2, 2002 03:30 PM

Best BBQ Ribs in Dallas

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Again, I need to find the local recomendation for the best ribs. You just can't get them in Maine. Thanks fellow hounds.

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  1. What part of Dallas will you be in? The original Sonny Bryans has good ribs as does the Dickies Barbecue in East Plano. I don't like the Dickies on Coit in Plano. Eagerly awaiting opinions of others.

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    1. re: Plano Rose
      Dave Watkins

      I'll be arround the Galleria - BUT I'll travel almost anywhere for the ribs. I've already hit Awshucks on Greenville. So distance is not a problem, just an opportunity for more food.

      1. re: Dave Watkins

        Sonny Bryan's ORIGINAL LOCATION ONLY.

        1. re: Jim

          Dickey's is a Texas chain that now has an outlet on the New Jersey turnpike. Houston's is a dressed up Applebee's. The original Sonny Bryan's, but I like Baker's Ribs in Deep Ellum or on Greenville. If you want to drive, try the Railhead in Ft. Worth. Angelos is hit and miss with the ribs being fatty at times. Bodacious BBQ on Division in Arlington is good. But if you want good, top 10 good, try Davids on Park Row in Arlington.

          1. re: BBQAddict

            A dressed up Applebees? I totally disagree. The one meal I had at Applebees a long time ago looked like it had been opened from a can, heated in the microwave and served.

            I am not a fan of chain restaurants. However, Houston's gets the dining experience right. Great food, great service, decent prices. What have you ordered from Houston's? I or companion diners have tried just about everything on the menu: from the smoked salmon appetizer to the baked artichoke (with outstanding dip) to salads & burgers to ribs to grilled salmon. All were excellent. If you haven't tried the ribs, you are missing out.

      2. re: Plano Rose
        Texas Two-step

        My opinion is 100% in line with the opinion of a barbecue aficionado in Dallas expressed on another food board concerning Sonny Bryan's: "Overrated, non-seasoned, no-flavor waste of time." Angelo's in Fort Worth is much better.

        As for Houston's, well, its a a national chain for God's sake! They are all owned by corporate (except, I believe, the one in Austin -- but it's still the same). The one in your home town is pretty much the same as any in the metroplex.

        1. re: Texas Two-step

          Have you eaten the ribs at Houston's? Just curious...

          1. re: Mary H.
            Texas Two-step

            I will accede to your opinion that Houston's is much better than Applebee's (and, in fact, better than most national chain restaurants), but the fellow asked for the "Best BBQ ribs in Dallas," not for simply acceptable ribs. Do you really think that Houston's has a pit where they smoke the ribs on the premises? To get really outstanding ribs, you need to go where they specialize in barbecue meats, have well experienced pit masters, and use the best quality meats available, not just heating cry-o-vac packaged barbecue ribs in the oven. I will leave the discussion about barbecue sauces to another time.

            As far as your question about ever eating the ribs at a Houston's: I have eaten at Houston's restaurants on occasion (as I have at other chain restaurants during road trips or other trips when nothing else seemed to be available in that particular locale), but I cannot say for sure if I have had the ribs or not (maybe it was Chili's). However, I cannot recall having a steak there either, but I would be willing to bet that there are lots of steakhouses in Dallas that serve much better steaks.

            The point is the fellow wanted something he could not get at home. While there are no Houston's in Maine, he could get Houston's ribs in most of the country. He wanted a Texas barbecue experience, not an homogenized American experience.

            BTW, I was also referring to the original Sonny Byran's location.

            1. re: Texas Two-step

              Regardless how Houston's accomplishes it, their ribs are superior to Angelos. Why do you choose to comment when you obviously have not experienced?

              The other logical choice is the original Sonny Bryan's on Inwood. Leaves Angelos in the barbeque pit dust.

              By the way, I have had ribs from all 3 places, and speak from personal experience.

              1. re: Mary H.
                Sweet Willie

                Hello Mary H., Sweet Willie from Chicago here.

                Just a comment on the corporate side of dining (having been in the foodservice biz (meats) for over 14 years.

                Off the cuff, I believe most Chowhounds would agree with Texas Two-step in regards to his/her negative opinion on Houstons or other corporate dining. Corporate dining tends to be "vanilla" flavored if you know what I mean. Kind of like going to one of our famous Chicago Jazz or Blues clubs and a band showed up playing ABBA.
                Not the soulful or passionate experience I wanted, again, kind of like most corporate dining.

                There is a huge plus side to good corporate dining, consistency, which is what many, many small restaurant establishments can not do. I'm sure everyone here has recommended a place to someone only to have the someone state (if they are not too polite) "that was the worst food I've had!" yet when we go, we feel it is terrific.

                That said, everything here we discuss is one's personal opinion.

                I know because you have spoken so strongly in favor of Houston's ribs. I will try them here in Chicago where I believe we still have a Houston's. Although ribs is Chicago's strong suit which we do best (pardon the hometown pride), you Texans do brisket the best hands down. Just as the Carolinas has their pulled pork.

                Take care, no affront meant.

                Looking forward to my Dallas trip.

      3. Houston's restaurants, particularly the one @ Preston/Northwest Highway have excellent ribs. This spot is one of my husband's favorites to grab a quick fix!

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        1. re: Mary H.

          Since Sonny died the expansion of the Sonny Bryan's "empire" has continuously eroded their quality. That said, however, they still seem to get it right at the original Inwood location. I do not ever go to Sonny Bryans for ribs, though, because their brisket is what they do best.

          For real smoked ribs, make the drive to Euless in the "mid-cities" to the Main Street Barbeque. Only open Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday. If your timing's right, you'll see me there.

          1. re: Ron Weiss

            After being a BBQ judge for many years at different regional and national contests, I would have to say that Main St. BBQ on Main in Euless is still surviving on their well earned reputation of years past. Their food is somewhat similar to what you would find at a church buffet! It is good, perhaps like going to Grandma's house, but it is not what most people would consider "good" BBQ.

            As a matter of fact, after moving to Dallas from KC a couple of years ago, I am still searching for a good BBQ joint.

        2. I have had the ribs at Houstons and while they are good, they aren't real barbeque & they are not representative of the best ribs/bbq available in the metroplex. For sure, they do not have a pit which is a requirement for real barbeque. Main Street Barbeque in Euless is well worth the drive on a Fri or Sat. Way casual and inexpensive and the food is not only very good, it's the real thing...

          1. drive 45 minutes west to fort worth to angelos b-b-q. best ribs around. also recomended is cousin's b-b-q.